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CodeIgniter 4. Prelude to PHPUnit

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Thanks for your feedbacks

I thank the members of the Habr community for their benevolent attitude to the article by the author «Speed Dating with the CodeIgniter 4 on GitHub» in the form of votes and comments.

The friendly attitude to the author prompted him to continue developing a topic dedicated to PHPUnit as part of CodeIgniter 4.

Install Xdebug on XAMPP (Windows 32-bit (x86))

1. Why Xdebug? In file «appstarter/tests/README.md» in the «Requirements» section explicitly states: «You also need to install XDebug to successfully calculate code coverage».

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Speed Dating with the CodeIgniter 4 on GitHub

Reading time2 min

Getting acquainted with the CodeIgniter 4 PHP framework is quite simple.

Spend the evening following the instructions in the «Build Your First Application» section. Since the documentation is written in a good, technically understandable language, it is even possible to get some aesthetic pleasure in the process of familiarizing yourself with this and other sections.

The feeling of airiness and consistency of the CodeIgniter 4 project will be present with you everywhere now.

What is so attractive about CodeIgniter 4?

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