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MATLAB is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and proprietary programming language

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Mechanical Quantum Computer

Reading time14 min

Quantum computers have gradually migrated from “natural” quantum objects like ions and quantum dots to “artificial” objects like transmons, where natural frequencies of LC circuit mimic energy levels. Coaxial cables attached to such circuits excite the system, read their state, and adjust their properties. They are still quantum objects and operate at low temperatures.

I wondered if a similar system can be built with large “classical” mechanical objects. Here I demonstrate 2 -qubit quantum computer built of coupled pendulums.

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Color image capturing device with pseudorandom patterns sets

Reading time4 min

The present invention relates to an analog signal capturing devices generally and monochrome or color image capture sensors, such as a scanner or a Charge-Coupled-Device (“CCD”) for video and photo camera in particular, which are almost free from moiré and aliasing. The present invention relates to methods for enhancing the resolution of an image capture device and device for digital color/grey image displaying also.

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