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Tutorial: how to port a project from Interop Word API to Open XML SDK

Reading time14 min

With the .NET5 release further development of some projects was questionable due to the complexity of porting. One can abandon small outdated libraries or find a replacement. But it's hard to throw away Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll. Microsoft doesn't plan to add compatibility with .NET Core/5+, so in this article we focus on creating Word files with Open XML SDK.

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Analyzing the Code Quality of Microsoft's Open XML SDK

Reading time10 min

My first encounter with Open XML SDK took place when I was looking for a library that I could use to create some accounting documents in Word. After more than 7 years of working with Word API, I wanted to try something new and easier-to-use. That's how I learned that Microsoft offered an alternative solution. As tradition has it, before our team adopts any program or library, we check them with the PVS-Studio analyzer.
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Business processes. BPMN model extraction from the document. Part 1

Reading time5 min
The modern projects on the optimization and the automation of many business processes, assume, as a rule, that the first step will be the analysis of the large amount of the client’s documents. The purpose of it is the modelling the business processes “as-is” in a very tight schedule. The list of the analyzed documents includes normative legal acts, industry standards, SCRUM user stories, regulations, technical specifications and other corporate documents.

The analyst for the project faces a rather time-consuming task which is at the same time a routine one as well. It doesn’t have many means of automation at present. According to the analysis of modern means of business process modelling, even such well-known applications on the market as Enterprise Architect, ARIS, Bizagi Modeler do not have any support mechanisms for business process model building in their text description.

This article is focused on the BPMN model extraction from the document.
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Yet another review of OATH hardware tokens feature in Azure Cloud MFA

Reading time2 min
About three months ago Microsoft has announced the availability of OATH TOTP hardware tokens in Azure MFA. The feature is still in “public preview”, but we see many of our customers using the feature in production already now. As we are testing this for the last couple of months in our lab environment and, in many cases, we are also assisting our customers with the activation of the feature, we have some observations that we believe are worth sharing.

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