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Let's kill all frameworks at once

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The general trend of technology development is characterized by surges and declines. Consider, for instance, the mass movement of human bodies. Initially, horses and wagons were used, which gradually evolved into a distinct industry. Then trains appeared abruptly. Horses were quickly forgotten, and the focus shifted to a new avenue. Steam became an object of study and evolved into a complex science. Diesel and electricity developed concurrently. At a certain point, steam engines became obsolete, and everyone transitioned to diesel and electricity. Similarly, we are now transitioning to electric cars that require significantly fewer fluids.

Technologies evolve and function until new technologies completely replace them. I believe we are entering an era where framework and Electron technologies may be eclipsed by generative AI. Let's examine some examples.

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A new experiment: Call .NET gRPC services from the browser with gRPC-Web

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I’m excited to announce experimental support for gRPC-Web with .NET. gRPC-Web allows gRPC to be called from browser-based apps like JavaScript SPAs or Blazor WebAssembly apps.

gRPC-Web for .NET promises to bring many of gRPC’s great features to browser apps:

  • Strongly-typed code-generated clients
  • Compact Protobuf messages
  • Server streaming

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