Веб 2.0 Список проектов

    Здесь нашел.
    Чего нашел? А вот что:

    AUDIO 2.0
    Bebop — Compare music calendar against your iTunes catalogue. www.bebopular.com
    Clickcaster — Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. www.clickcaster.com
    Difm — Radio community. www.di.fm
    Dottunes — Share your iTunes. www.dottunes.net
    Enablr — Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail,… www.enablr.com
    Fluctu8 — Create & share your sourcelists. fluctu8.com
    Gcast — Podcasting tools & hosting. www.gcast.com
    Genielab — Explore, recommend & rate music. genielab.com
    Ituneslove — Share your music tastes. www.ituneslove.com
    Jamendo — Review, tag, rate & share music. www.jamendo.com/en
    Lastfm* — Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. www.last.fm

    Mercora — Search music & get recommendations. search.mercora.com
    Muiso — Track your taste, get recommendations. muiso.com
    Musicmobs — Share your tastes & find music. www.musicmobs.com
    Musicstrands — Tag, share & post music community. www.musicstrands.com
    Odeo — Record & share audio. www.odeo.com
    Pandora* — Personalized radio. pandora.com
    Plurn — List, listen to, create & share music. www.plurn.com
    Podbop — Listen to bands that visit your city (Eventful mash-up). podbop.org
    Podomatic — Create, find & broadcast podcasts. www.podomatic.com
    Poperti — Save your mp3 on a pop email account. www.poperti.com
    Predixis — Discover, manage & enjoy music. www.predixis.com
    Purevolume — Music community. www.poperti.com
    Radiotime — Personalize radio. myradiotime.com
    Streampad — List, listen & share your music (= several mash-ups). www.streampad.com
    Upto11 — Discover & share music. upto11.net
    Webjay — Playlist community. www.webjay.org

    BLOG2POD 2.0
    Talkr — Converts blog text to podcasts. www.talkr.com

    BLOGGING 2.0
    Bitty — Embed content from Web services. bitty.com
    Blogburst — Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. www.blogburst.com
    Blogcode — Start blog & find similar ones. www.blogcode.com
    Bloggersnap — Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. www.bloggersnap.com/?l=EN
    Bloggoggle — Categorize & rate pro bloggers. www.bloggoggle.com
    Bloglet — Notification2email. www.bloglet.com
    Blogs — Notification2email. blo.gs
    Blurb — Turn your blog into a book. www.blurb.com
    Cocomment — Track back your commentosphere. www.cocomment.com
    Feedblitz — Notification2email. www.feedblitz.com
    Freevlog — Set up free video blog. www.freevlog.org
    Lifetype — Blogging software. www.lifetype.net
    Measuremap — Blog stats. measuremap.com
    Qumana — Edit your blog. www.qumana.com
    Structuredblogging — Create, edit & maintain all posts. structuredblogging.org
    Textamerica — Mobile blog. www.textamerica.com
    Xanco~ — Mobile phlog & vlog. www.xanco.com
    Blip — Get video & podcasting on your blog. www.blip.tv
    Blogladder — Create & maintain your blog. www.blogladder.com
    Blogniscient — Rank & read blog articles. www.blogniscient.com
    Bloxor — Maintain & use your blogroll online. www.bloxor.com

    9rules — Validate & share links to content. 9rules.com
    Allyourwords — Associate & share words with links. www.allyourwords.com
    Blinkist — Social bookmarking. www.blinklist.com
    Blogmarks — Social bookmarking. www.blogmarks.net
    Blummy — Manage your bookmarks. www.blummy.com
    Bmaccess — Social bookmarking with thumbs. www.bmaccess.net
    Buddymarks — Social bookmarking. www.buddymarks.com
    Butterfly~ — Bookmark & annotate. www.butterflyproject.nl
    Chuquet* — Find buzzes. www.chuquet.com
    Clipmarks — Social clipping. www.clipmarks.com
    CommonTimes — Social bookmarking & clippings. www.commontimes.org
    Connotea — Social bookmarking (for reseacrhers). www.connotea.org
    Delicious* — Social bookmarking. del.icio.us
    Digg* — Social bookmarking. www.digg.com
    Diigo — Social bookmarking on steroids. www.diigo.com
    Dogear — Social bookmarking. www.eigology.com/dogear
    Feedmarker — Social bookmarking for news. www.feedmarker.com
    Furl — Clip, store & share web pages. www.furl.net
    Hyperlinkomatic — Social bookmarking. www.hyperlinkomatic.com
    Icio — Social bookmarking & rating. www.icio.de
    Jeteye — Clip & share (parts of) web pages. www.jeteye.com
    Listible — Folksonomied software & code search. www.listible.com
    ListMixer — Social bookmarking (temporary links). listmixer.com
    LiveMarks — Live update of Delicious. sandbox.sourcelabs.com/livemarks
    Looklater — Private bookmarking. www.looklater.com
    Lookmarks — Social bookmarking. www.lookmarks.com
    Magnolia — Social bookmarking & voting. ma.gnolia.com
    Mylinkvault — Social bookmarking. www.mylinkvault.com
    Onlywire — Social bookmarking aggregator. www.onlywire.com
    Philoi — Social bookmarking. www.philoi.com
    Qoosa — Social bookmarking. www.qoosa.com
    Searchfox — Social bookmarking. www.searchfox.com
    Shadows — Social bookmarking. shadows.com
    Simpy — Social bookmarking, tagging & search. www.simpy.com
    Socialmarks — Social bookmarking. www.socialmarks.com
    Spinspy — Social bookmarking & ranking. www.spinspy.com
    Spurl — Social — Bookmarking & search. www.spurl.net
    Startaid — Manage & share your (thumb) bookmarks. www.startaid.com
    StumbleUpon — Social bookmarking (random sharing). www.stumbleupon.com
    Surftail — Share your click paths. www.surftail.com
    Taggle — Social bookmarking, tagged (German). www.taggle.de
    Tagtooga — Social bookmarking. www.tagtooga.com
    Tendango — Top 10 social bookmarking. www.tendango.com
    Thumblicio.us — Displays thumbs of most pupular del.icio.us sites. thumblicio.us
    YahooMyweb2 — Social bookmarking. myweb2.search.yahoo.com
    Yoono — Save your bookmarks and manage your feeds — www.yoono.com (Submitted by Helder Pareira).

    BROWSER 2.0
    Camino — Mozilla power & Mac style browser. www.caminobrowser.org
    Flock — Lightweight browser. www.flock.com

    CALENDAR 2.0
    30boxes — Manage & share calendar. 30boxes.com
    Calendarhub — Create & share calendars. www.calendarhub.com
    Eventful — Create & share events. eventful.com
    Eventicus — Create & share events. www.eventicus.de/?lang=en
    Eventsniper — Mix your event calendar with feeds. www.eventsniper.com
    Hipcal — Manage & share calendar & to do lists. www.hipcal.com
    Meetwithapproval — Arrange meetings & events online. www.meetwithapproval.com
    Mosuki — Arrange meetings & events online. mosuki.com
    Planzo — Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms. planzo.com
    Skobee — Arrange meetings & events online. www.skobee.com
    Spongecell — Arrange meetings & events online; with a.i. spongecell.com
    Tilika — Share calendars. www.tilika.com
    Trumba — Create& share events. www.trumba.com
    Upcoming — Create, manage & share events. upcoming.org

    CHAT 2.0
    3bubbles — Add chat to your blog. www.3bubbles.com
    Ajchat — Create chat rooms. www.ajchat.com
    Campfire — Permalinked chat. www.campfirenow.com
    Chatsum* — Chat with & leave messages same-site-visitors. www.chatsum.com
    Conversate — Create your own chat. www.conversate.org
    PeekoChat — Make every site a 'place' (Firefox plug-in). peekko.com/chat
    Zohochat — Create your own chat room. zohochat.com
    Ekklesia — CMS for churches. www.ekklesia-systems.com
    Loudblog — CMS inc. RSS. www.loudblog.de
    Pmachine — CMS. www.pmachine.com/ee
    Tinymce — Wysiwyg editor. tinymce.moxiecode.com

    Askeet — Ask & answer it. www.askeet.com
    Asoboo — Find people & places in your city. asoboo.com
    Favorville — People helping people. www.favorville.com
    Foldera — Organize & share all work based documents. www.foldera.com
    Hubpages — Share your genius. www.hubpages.com
    Ifolder — Filesharing for groups. www.ifolder.com
    Jotspot — Take one set of notes, live. www.jotlive.com
    Lime — Help & inspire eachother. lime.com
    Mayomi — Mind map & share. www.mayomi.com
    People2pray — Manage & share prayer requests. www.people2pray.com
    Qype — Find & recommend best spots in town. qype.com
    Rallypoint — Share knowledge. www.rallypointhq.com
    Redlettr — Tag & comment the bible. www.desertfather.com/micah
    Rel8r — Tag, read, search blogs. www.rel8r.com
    Rrove* — Save & share places. www.rrove.com
    Say-So — Share problems & get advise. www.say-so.org
    Socialight — Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. socialight.com
    Standpoint — Share & evangelize convictions. www.standpoint.com
    Studybuddy — Share notecards. www.studybuddy.info
    Tracbac — Share, comment, revise & collaborate. www.tracbac.com
    Vizu — Create, share & vote for polls. www.vizu.com
    Webbrush — Collaborative drawing, charting, etc. www.stanfy.com/dev/webbrush
    Whatshouldireadnext — Share your bookshelve. whatshouldireadnext.com
    Wobblog — Rank & share blog postings. www.wobblog.com
    Zimbra — Work & communicate together. www.zimbra.com

    COLLECT 2.0
    Librarious — Catalogue your collection. lib.rario.us
    Librarything — Catalogue & share your library. www.librarything.com
    Unalog — Share what you read, in groups. unalog.com

    COMIX 2.0
    Comics — Create & share comics. www.mainada.net/comics
    Quicktoons — Create & share comics. www.quicktoons.com

    E-messenger — Ajax messengers. www.e-messenger.net
    E-messenger — Integrates several messengers. www.e-messenger.net
    Gtalkr — Google Talk, Flickr, YouTube, feeds. gtalkr.com
    Iglance — Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. www.iglance.com
    Imeem — Share words, files & people (on messenger). www.imeem.com
    Imvu — 3D messenger. www.imvu.com
    Iotum — Sorts & processes calls on relevance. www.iotum.com
    Jabphone — Messenger2phone. www.jabphone.com
    Jumpclaimer — Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms. www.jumpclaimer.com
    Kopete — Universal messenger. kopete.kde.org
    Mabber — Mobile messenger. www.mabber.com
    Meebo — Integrates several messengers. www.meebo.com
    Skylook — Record & store all Skype communications. www.skylook.biz
    Skype — Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. www.skype.com
    Slawesome — Add voice to your email. www.slawesome.com
    Soonr — Mobile 2 web & v.v. www.soonr.com
    Stickam* — Multimedia communication tool. www.stickam.com
    Tello — Locate & collaborate with your key contacts. www.tello.com
    Userplane — Chat, messenger, record. www.userplane.com
    V4s — Add voice to your email. www.orb.com/skype
    Vyew — Web based video conferencing. vyew.com
    Waxmail — Add voice to your email. www.waxmail.biz
    Web2messenger — Send messages from web 2 messenger. www.web2messenger.com

    43people — Tag based matching & dating. www.43people.com
    43places — Publish & share stories about places. www.43places.com
    Blogtronix — Blogging & corporate community software. www.blogtronix.com
    Communitywalk — Share places & routes (map mash-up). www.communitywalk.com
    Consumating — Tag based dating. www.consumating.com
    Create & Participate in communities. www.towncrossing.com
    Dodgeball — Hook in with your mobile & meet friends. www.dodgeball.com
    Doostang — Community for professionals. www.doostang.com
    Facebook — Student communities. www.facebook.com
    Frappr — Put your group on the map, share photos. www.frappr.com
    Friendster — Connect with friends. www.friendster.com
    Groups — Create groups & share content. grou.ps
    HumanPages – Philanthropic “LinkedIn-Like” People Search. www.humanpages.com
    Ikarma — Document & promote your reputation. ikarma.com
    Linkedin — Manage and share your cv. Http://www.linkedin.com/
    Livejournal — Join or create your own community. www.sixapart.com/livejournal
    Lovento — Find friends & events. www.lovento.com
    Mapmix. Find your friends (map mash-up). www.mapmix.com
    Meetro — Find friends nearby (thru messenger). www.meetro.com
    Meetup — Find common interests & organize meetings. www.meetup.com
    Mologogo — Share where you are. www.mologogo.com
    Mozes — Share information & people thru your mobile. mozes.com
    MySpace — Communicate with & share content with your friends. www.myspace.com
    OpenBC — Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. www.openbc.com
    Opinity — Manage your reputation. www.opinity.com
    Orkut — Connect to your friends. www.orkut.com
    Partysync — Meet & sms people. group.partysync.com
    Peerprofile — Publish & share your profiles. www.peerprofile.com
    Peertrainer — Buddy up, slim down. www.peertrainer.com
    Phusebox — Community for sophisticated people. phusebox.net
    Piczo — Create & share website. piczo.com
    Placesite — Wi-fi portal & location communities. www.placesite.com
    Plum — Collect, share, connect. www.plum.com
    Poddater — Create vodcast & connect. www.poddater.com
    Pooln — Schedule your car pooling. www.pooln.com
    Rabble — Create it & share it mobile. www.rabble.com
    Tagalag — Tag & map your contacts. www.tagalag.com
    Theblackstripe — Upload & share photos. www.theblackstripe.com
    Tinfinger — Search persons. www.tinfinger.com
    Towncrossing — Find & Link to Friends. towncrossing.com
    Twocrowds — Share & vote for predictions. www.twocrowds.com
    Vcarious — Travel community. www.vcarious.com
    Wallop — Phlog & interact. mywallop.com
    Xanga — Blog rings. www.xanga.com
    Zaadz~ — Network of inspired people. www.zaadz.com
    Ziggs — Index of professionals. www.ziggs.com
    Zoominfo* — Search persons; create your own page. www.zoominfo.com

    CRM 2.0
    24sevenoffice — Web-based crm & erp. www.24sevenoffice.com
    Helpspot — Wen nased help desk software. www.userscape.com
    Pushcrm — Web-based crm. pushcrm.com
    Simpleticket — Helpdesk solution. www.simpleticket.net
    Userscape — Web based help desk portal. www.userscape.com
    Zohocrm — Web-based crm. www.zohocrm.com

    DBASE 2.0
    Turbodbadmin — Online dbase in Ajax. www.turboajax.com/turbodbadmin.html

    DESIGN 2.0
    Betterdesktop — Share usability tests. www.betterdesktop.org
    Flickrlogomakr — Make Flickr-like logo in a second. flickr.nosv.org (cf. this group's logo).
    Netcocktail — Share color schemes. www.netcocktail.com
    Neurosky — Bionic interface technology. www.neurosky.com
    OK-cancel. Collaboration on interface design. www.ok-cancel.com
    Typetester — Compare screen type. www.typetester.maratz.com
    Wufoo — Build & host forms. www.wufoo.com

    Visualthesaurus — Find & visualize synonyms. www.visualthesaurus.com

    12 Wists — Share shopping lists. www.wists.com
    43deals — Find best deals. www.43deals.com
    Adgenta — Add ads to your site, blog or rss feed. www.adgenta.com
    Amazon* — Shop, sell, review & rank. www.amazon.com
    Auctionmapper — Map Ebay auctions. www.auctionmapper.com
    Bigcartel — Start, review & recommend online shops. bigcartel.com
    Blish — Buy & sell digital things. www.blish.com
    Broadbandgenie — Find best provider. www.broadbandgenie.co.uk
    Cafépress — Design, sell, buy. www.cafepress.com
    Carbonmade — Publish & manage your portfolio online. www.carbonmade.com
    Clipfire — Shop search engine & community. www.clipfire.com
    Closo — Start & advertise your online shop. www.closo.com
    Cooqy — Find things faster on Ebay (client). www.cooqy.com
    Coverpop — Mash-ups of everything. www.coverpop.com
    Darmik — Sell & share profits with charities. www.darmik.com
    Ebay* — Sell, rate & buy; auction. www.ebay.com
    Etsy — Buy & sell handmade things. www.etsy.com
    Flyspy — Graph all of your choices in air travel. www.flyspy.com/index.php
    Fotogopo — Animated local route map; Google Maps & Geocoder mash-up. www.fotogopo.com
    Froogle* — Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. www.google.com/sellonfroogle
    Garbagescout — Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. www.garbagescout.com
    Gumshoo — Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up. www.gumshoo.com
    Hawkee — Tagged price comparison. www.hawkee.com
    Homethinking — Search, find, contact & review realtors. www.homethinking.com
    Hotpads — Houses for rent. hotpads.com
    Inods — Shopping review aggregator. inods.com
    Insideflyer — Convert loyalty points. insideflyer.com
    Judysbook — Review & rate your neighbourhood. www.judysbook.com
    Kayak Buzz — Find cheap destinations; Google Maps mash-up. www.kayak.com/h/buzz/flights
    Licketyship — Home-delivery supermarket; retail & couriers co-operation. www.licketyship.com
    Licketytrip — Last minute vacation rentals (map mash-up). www.licketytrip.com
    Lopico — Social business directory. www.lopico.com
    Mapeire — User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. www.mapeire.com
    Motionmall — Design & insert webads. www.motionmall.com
    Paguna — Travel booking with 1 page Ajax interface. www.paguna.com
    Peerflix — List & trade DVDs. www.peerflix.com
    Pricenoia — Amazon price comparison. www.pricenoia.com
    Qoop — Publish & sell photos & photo products. www.qoop.com
    Redtoucan — Share photos & review products. www.redtoucan.com
    Reevoo — Review & buy electronics. www.reevoo.com
    Revver — Upload, share or sell your videos. www.revver.com
    Savedsearchpro — Find Ebay deals easier. www.savedsearchpro.com
    Shoposphere* — Create & share pick lists. shopping.yahoo.com/shoposphere
    Site flavored Google* — Tailor adwords to your site. www.google.com/services/siteflavored.html
    Sofortpreis — Mobile shopping assistent. www.sofortpreis.de
    Souki~ — Local shop search. www.souki.com
    Spymedia — Publish & sell news photos. www.spymedia.com
    Stylehive — Get recommendations fitting your product interests. www.shopify.com
    Tenbills — Design & buy your T. www.tenbills.com
    Thandora — Tag based search in yellow pages. www.thandora.com/tagit.do
    Tictap — Price comparison for mobile. www.tictap.com
    Tnook — Build, manage & trade your collections. www.tnook.com
    Wazima — Coupon aggregator. www.wazima.com
    Web20milliondollarhomepage — Pixel ads. www.web20milliondollarhomepage.com
    Wists — Social shopping. www.wists.com
    Wuraweb — Find local prices & credentials. www.wuraweb.com
    Yelp — Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. www.yelp.com
    Yub — Meet, hang & get discounts in shopping mall. www.yub.com/mall
    Zazzle — Design, sell & buy custom goods. www.zazzle.com
    Zillow — Get your home valuated (map mash-up). www.zillow.com
    Zipingo — Find local business based on community input. www.zipingo.com

    ECONOMY 2.0
    Aidpage — People help people. www.aidpage.com
    Associatedcontent — Produce & publish content, get paid. www.associatedcontent.com
    Billmonk — Manage debts. www.billmonk.com
    Castingwords — Get your podcasts transcribed. castingwords.com
    Couchsurfing* — Home swapping & holiday dating. www.couchsurfing.com
    Daylo — Contribute to local yellow pages. daylo.com
    Democracy2.0* — Consumers/Citizens unite! d2.stevemagruder.com/hub.php
    Donorschoose — Donate to schools. www.donorschoose.org
    Elevatorpitch — Upload, read & rate pitches. www.yourelevatorpitch.com
    Fundable — Pledge for funding. www.fundable.org
    Gather — Share passions & get paid. gather.com
    Givebobadollar — Begging. www.givebobadollar.com
    Givemeaning — Give or take fundraising community. www.givemeaning.com
    Givezilla — Create fundraising storefront. www.givezilla.com
    Google answers — Get your questions answered for money. answers.google.com/answers
    Ikarma — Document & promote your reputation. ikarma.com
    Lendmonkey — Trade everything. www.lendmonkey.com
    Listsomething — Share any list to buy & sell things, services. www.listsomething.com
    Milliondollarhomepage* — Buy pixels to finance study. www.milliondollarhomepage.com
    Mturk — Complete simple tasks & get paid. www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome
    Myfreelanceauction — Buy or sell web services. myfreelanceauction.com
    Oolsi — Share links to free things. www.oolsi.com
    Prosper — P2P lending. www.prosper.com
    Rawsugar — Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing. www.rawsugar.com
    Secondlifeboutique — Buy real things with virtuaa money. slboutique.com
    Smarkets — Stock markets for products. www.smarkets.net
    Smashmyviper — Buy pixels to destroy car. www.smashmyviper.com
    Stuffopolis — Keep track of things you lend or borrow. www.stuffopolis.com
    Swabba — Online garage sale (German). www.swabba.de
    Zopa — P2P banking services. www.zopa.com

    E-LEARNING 2.0
    Elgg — Open source e-learning software. elgg.org
    Nuvvo — On demand elearning. www.nuvvo.com

    EMAIL 2.0
    Dropsend — Email large files. www.dropsend.com
    Mail2RSS — Inmail2RSS. www.mail2rss.org
    Myemail — Check email anywhere. myemail.com
    Newsletterarchive* — Store & share your newsletters. www.newsletterarchive.org
    Onesens — Send teasing webmail messages. www.onesens.com
    Quickmail — Email2RSS. quickmail.johanfitie.com
    Sendspace — Email large files. www.sendspace.com
    Tempinbox — Receive inmail anonymously. www.tempinbox.com
    Trustmymail — Spam filter based on your circle of contacts. www.trustmymail.com
    Yousendit — Email large files. www.yousendit.com
    Irows — Web based spreadsheet. www.irows.com
    Numbler — Excel spreadsheet online. numbler.com
    Numsum — Collaborate online on spreadsheets. numsum.com
    Sundera — Collaborate online on spreadsheets. www.sundera.com

    Bittorrent — Share files & bandwidth. www.bittorrent.com
    Civilnetizen — File swapping. www.civilnetizen.com
    Lphanr — Multi compatible P2P file sharing. www.lphant.com

    Blinksale — Web-based invoicing. www.blinksale.com
    Dimewise — Manage your finances. www.dimewise.com
    Frugalbetty — Manage your spendings. frugalbetty.com
    Ioweyou — Manage loans & shared expenses. www.ioweyou.co.uk
    Networthiq — Track, share & compare your net worth. www.networthiq.com
    Secondsite — Web-based invoicing. www.secondsite.biz
    Secondssite. Finance tools. www.secondsite.biz

    FUN 2.0
    Beggr — Give me your money. www.beggr.com
    Web2.0validator — Screen your website on 2.0-ishness. web2.0validator.com

    GAMBLING 2.0
    Poserfish — P2P betting, free. www.poserfish.com

    GAMES 2.0
    Alexadex* — Buy & sell shares in sites. Alexa mash-up. alexadex.com/ad
    Arcaplay — Rate & share games. arcaplay.com
    Averageshoveler — Game & RSS news mash-up. www.zanni.org/average.htm
    Bliss — Customize game to couple’s needs. www.gamesforloving.com
    Bunchball — Play games with your friends. www.bunchball.com
    Fastr — Guess game; Flickr mash-up. — randomchaos.com/games/fastr
    Gibbity — Contribute & review games. www.gibbity.com
    Guess-the-google — Guess game; Google mash-up. grant.robinson.name/projects/guess-the-google
    Imstar — IM & game with your 3D avatar. imstar.com
    Ispott — Mobile treasure hunt. www.ispott.com
    Llor — Build your street. www.llor.nu
    Memory — Memory + Yahoo images mash-up. bryngfors.com/index.php?page_id=10
    Millionsofgames — Review & share games. www.millionsofgames.com
    Montage-a-google — Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up. grant.robinson.name/projects/montage-a-google
    Multitap — Share, rate, discuss & categorize screenshots. multitap.net
    Naughtyamerica* — Multiplayer video sexgame. www.naughtyamericathegame.com
    Phrasr — Add photos to phrases; Flickr mash-up. www.pimpampum.net/phrasr
    Spell with Flickr — Spell names with photos; Flickr mash-up. metaatem.net/words

    HOSTING 2.0
    30gigs — Store your data. www.30gigs.com
    4shared — Upload & share files. 4shared.com
    Allmydata — Store & share your data. www.allmydata.com
    Bolt — Watch, upload & share media. www.bolt.com
    Box — Store & share data. www.box.net
    Bryght — Create & maintain a community. www.bryght.com
    Gdisk — Hosting thru Gmail. gdisk.sourceforge.net
    Grokthis — Aplication hosting. www.grokthis.net
    Hula — Manage calendars & email. www.hula-project.org
    Joyent — ASP hosting of email, calendars, contacts… www.joyent.com
    Mailbigfile — Mail large files. www.mailbigfile.com
    Mozy — Upload & backup your files. www.mozy.com
    Multiply — Store, share & discuss your data. multiply.com
    Omnidrive — Store & access data. www.omnidrive.com.au
    Openomy — Upload your files & use extra apps. www.openomy.com
    Ourmedia — Store & share data. www.ourmedia.org
    Pando* — Store & share data. www.pando.com
    Putfwd — Store & exchange data. www.putfwd.com
    Railsbase — Application hosring (Ruby-based). railsbase.com
    Smartimagine — Store & manage your image & media files. smartimagine.com
    Sproutit — Manage your email — www.sproutit.com
    Store & share audio, video, clippings. www.esnips.com
    Strongspace — Upload, store, back-up & share your files. www.strongspace.com
    TextDrive — Hosted applications. www.textdrive.com
    Vast – Build and Augment Your Own Services. vast.com/contact/api.htm
    Xdrive — Store & share your data. www.xdrive.com
    Xmailharddrive — Store data thru Gmail. www.xmailharddrive.com
    Zingee — Store & share files. www.zingee.com

    IDENTITY 2.0
    Calaimid — Manage your online identity. claimid.com
    Myme — Create your online avatar. www.my-me.com
    Sxip — Control personal digital identity. www.sxip.com

    IMAGES 2.0
    23hq — Store, share & manage photos. www.23hq.com
    Danbooru — Upload, tage & share images. danbooru.donmai.us
    Dropshots — Upload & share photos & video. www.dropshots.com
    Flappr — Search pictures; Flickr mash-up. bcdef.org/flappr
    Flickr — Upload & share photos. www.flickr.com
    Flickr photo finder — Find & publish photos. www.wynia.org/experiments/phpflickr
    Flickr* — Manage & share your photos. www.flickr.com
    Flickrfling — RSS feeds & Flickr mash-up. www.nastypixel.com/prototype/?p=80
    Flickrlicious. Share Babes on Flickr. www.flickrlicio.us
    Flyinside — Create, publish & share virtual photo tours. www.flyinside.com
    Fotki — Upload, share, print photos. www.fotki.com
    Fotoflix — Upload & share photos. www.fotoflix.com
    Fotolia* — Buy & sell images. www.fotolia.com
    Fotolog — Create & map your phlog. www.fotolog.com
    Groupr — Groups photos from Flickr groups. groupr.200ok.net
    Illhostit — Host your images. www.illhostit.com
    Istockphoto — Buy & sell images. www.istockphoto.com/index.php
    Jellybarn — Upload, edit, manage, share your photos. www.jellybarn.com
    Ondergrond~ — Upload photos of public art. www.ondergrond.org
    Phlog~ — Upload & share photos. phlog.net
    Photobloggr — Find tags on name; Flickr mash-up. photobloggr.com
    Photobucket — Upload, publish & share photos. www.photobucket.com
    Photomap — Add photos to locations; multi mash-up. photomap.mozdev.org
    Picturecloud — 360o view on your pics. www.picturecloud.com
    Pixagogo — Upload, manage & share photos. www.pixagogo.com
    Sharpcast — Manage your mobile photos online. sharpcast.com
    Shutterbook — Store & share photos. www.shutterbook.com
    Shutterfly — Store, share & print photos. www.shutterfly.com
    Slide* — Upload & share photos. www.slide.com
    Slidestory — Publish stories with photo slideshows. www.slidestory.com
    Smilebox — Pimp up your photo presentation. www.smilebox.com
    Smugmug — Store & share photos. www.smugmug.com
    Tagworld — Store & share photos. www.tagworld.com
    Tickr — Flickr desktop ticker. www.stuffonfire.com/2006/01/tickr_for_flickr_10_v6.html
    Zooomr. Search photos in many languages. beta.zooomr.com/home
    Zoto — Uload, phlog & share. www.zoto.com

    IMAGING 2.0

    Colorblender — Color picker & matcher. www.colorblender.com
    Colorcell — Find beautiful color combinations. colorcell.uneven.org
    Colr* — Play with color photos & publish results. www.colr.org
    Colrpickr — Color picker. krazydad.com/colrpickr
    Epassportphoto — Upload, manipulate, download your photo. www.epassportphoto.com
    Flashpaint — Draw & share pictures. www.flashpaint.com
    Flowermaker — Design flowers. www.zefrank.com/flowers
    Gliffy — Draw & share diagrams. www.gliffy.com
    Imageeditor — Edit your images online. www.imageeditor.net
    Photostack — Manage images (Ajax). www.photostack.org
    Picasa — Find, edit & share photos. picasa.google.com
    Picturecloud — 360o view on your pics. www.picturecloud.com
    Pixelgroup — Draw anything with others. blog.outer-court.com/pixel
    Pxn8 — Manipulate & publish your photos. www.pxn8.com
    Rasterbator — Creates rasterized images. homokaasu.org/rasterbator
    Smilebox — Pimp up your photo presentation. www.smilebox.com
    Textorizer — Image2Text. textorizer.whatfettle.com
    Webimager — Capture screens & upload them to Flickr. phpspot.net/php/flickr

    JOBS 2.0
    Bixee — Job finder. www.bixee.com
    Glendor — Job finder; map mash-up. www.glendor.com
    Indeed — Finds jobs on what & where. www.indeed.com
    Jobazaar — Tagged job offerings. www.jobazaar.com
    Pagebites — Resume search. www.pagebites.com
    Sidejobtrack — Job tracker. www.sidejobtrack.com
    Simplyhired — Local job search. www.simplyhired.com
    Simplyhired — Search biggest jobs dbase. www.simplyhired.com
    Yorz — Join group, upload resume. www.yorz.com

    Blinkbits — Share knowledge. www.blinkbits.com
    Brainreactions — Participate in brainstorms & share ideas. www.brainreactions.net
    Copyscape — Manage rights online. www.copyscape.com
    Echosign — Contract management. www.echosign.com/public/compose
    Grokker — Enterprise search & knowledge management. www.grokker.com
    Hanzoweb — Bookmark, tag & share knowledge online. hanzoweb.com
    Jots — Information sharing. www.jots.com
    Kaboodle — Information sharing. www.kaboodle.com
    Oyogi — Share Q&A. www.oyogi.com
    Postgenomic* — Share & rank life science knowledge. www.postgenomic.com
    Pubsub — Match your interests with new info. www.pubsub.com
    Root/vaults* — Store, manage & share knowledge online. www.root.net/vaults
    Squidoo — Share knowledge. www.squidoo.com
    Tractis — Negotiate & sign contract, solve disputes online. www.tractis.com
    Wondir — Share Q&A. www.wondir.com
    Yahooanswers — Share Q&A. answers.yahoo.com

    LISTS 2.0
    43Things — Publish, share, find your goals. www.43things.com
    Giftbox — List & manage gifts. www.giftboxhome.com
    Greedyme — List & share your wishes. www.greedyme.com
    Metawishlist — List & share your wishes. www.metawishlist.com
    Myprogs — List & find software. myprogs.net

    MAPPING 2.0
    Bittercyclist — Bicycle accident map & community; map mash-up www.bittercyclist.com
    Chicagocrime — Crime dbase map mash-up. www.chicagocrime.org
    Feedmap — Map your blogs. www.feedmap.net
    Flashearth — Global maps mash-up in flash. www.flashearth.com
    Flickrmap — Map Flickr photos. www.flickrmap.com
    Gchart — Check local time globally. www.gchart.com
    Google Earth* — Global maps. earth.google.com
    Googlemaps — Check local things globally. maps.google.com
    Gvisit — Map your site visitors. www.gvisit.com
    Locallive — Windows maps. local.live.com
    Map builder — Mash-up your own maps. www.mapbuilder.net
    Map24 — Route finder; 3D. www.nl.map24.com
    Mapbuilder — Mash-up your own maps. www.mapbuilder.net
    Mappr — Map Flickr photos per tag. www.mappr.com
    Panoramio — Share mapped photos. www.panoramio.com
    Pervwatch — Perv mash-up. www.pervwatch.org
    Pheromonetrail — Share places & sites & persons. www.pheromonetrail.com
    Placeopedia — Wiki + Google maps mash-up. www.placeopedia.com
    Planiglobe — Create your own map. www.planiglobe.com
    Platial — Co-create atlas & share places. platial.com
    Plazes* — Share locations & discover people. www.plazes.com
    Powermap — Next level Google maps. hobbiton.thisside.net/advmap.html
    Publicloos — Share public toilets. paul.kedrosky.com/publicloos
    Tagzania — Share & map places. www.tagzania.com
    Toeat — Map & share restaurants. www.toeat.com
    Tripmojo — Map & share hotels. www.tripmojo.com
    Vlogmap. Map your vlog. www.vlogmap.org
    Wayfaring — Create & share your maps. www.wayfaring.com
    Web20map — Web 2.0 companies on map mash-up. www.fourio.com/web20map
    Yahoo maps* — Global & local maps & search mash-ups. maps.yahoo.com/beta

    Alexscoupons — Find coupon deals. www.alexscoupons.com
    Attentiontrust — Advertising based on mutual understanding. www.attentiontrust.org
    Cafespot — Social guide to cafes, restaurants, etc. www.cafespot.net
    Coastr — List & share your beers and beer places. www.coastr.com
    Dropcash — Create & manage online fundraiser. www.dropcash.com
    Edgeio — Find classified listings, publish your own. www2.edgeio.com
    Fruitcast — Podcast advertizing network. www.fruitcast.com
    Jigsaw — Subscribe, buy, sell sales contacts. www.jigsaw.com
    Kanoodle — Sponsored links services. www.kanoodle.com
    Knowmore — Consumers unite! www.knowmore.org
    Linklike — Link exchange. www.linklike.com
    My-brand — Manage online advertising online. mybrand.ads-click.net
    Podtrac — Advertise in podcasts. www.podtrac.com
    PSFK — Share trends watched. www.psfk.com
    Rbloc — Sell, buy & meet auction market place. www.rbloc.com
    Riffs — Review & recommendation community. www.riffs.com
    Root* — Trading platform for realtime consumer data. www.root.net
    Spotrunner — Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. www.spotrunner.com
    Tagged business directory. www.tagdirectory.net
    Tagyu — Tag-based advertizing. www.tagyu.com
    Theadcloud* — Create & tag classified listings. www.theadcloud.com
    Thisplaceiknow — Share places. www.thisplaceiknow.com
    Titlez — Get publishing market data from Amazon. www.titlez.com
    Web marketing 2.0 — Wiki on Marketing 2.0. www.webmarketing20.com
    Wikicompany — Social business directory. wikicompany.org
    Wordofblog — Spread the word for good causes. www.wordofblog.net
    Yellowikis — Social business directory. www.yellowikis.org
    Zoomtags — Tag cloud based affiliate network. www.zoomtags.com

    MEMO 2.0
    Bitbomb — Web2sms reminders. bitbomb.com
    Femo — Tag & share memos online. femo.nomadscafe.jp
    Jotcloud — Leave notes on websites. www.jotcloud.com
    Loopnote — Notification webware. loopnote.com
    Mystickies* — Browse, search, sort & edit notes online. www.mystickies.com
    Pianist — Memo manager online. pianist.publicbeta.jp/app
    Reminderfeed — Send reminders to your feed reader. www.reminderfeed.com
    Webnote — Make & share notes. www.aypwip.org/webnote
    Zohoplanner — Create & share memo’s & notes online. www.zohoplanner.com

    360yahoo — Blogging. Tagging. Share Photos. Social Networking: 360.yahoo.com (Submitted by Britta Harting).
    Avidbeauty — Share photos & sounds. www.avidbeauty.com
    Broadsnatch — Share multimedia. www.broadsnatch.com
    Bubbleshare — Phlog, share, add audio captions. www.bubbleshare.com
    Buzznet — Share videos & photos. www.buzznet.com
    Castpost — Upload & share your av clips. www.castpost.com
    Comagz — Cocreate & rate content. www.comagz.com
    Everybit — Share your media. www.everybit.com
    Fireant — Upload & share multimedia. www.fireant.tv
    Glide — Upload & share multimedia. glidedigital.com
    Grouper — Upload, create & share media. www.grouper.com
    Hackoff*** — Book published as blog & podcast. www.hackoff.com
    Junklog — Rate, review & share media. junklog.com
    Kaneva — Digital entertainment marketplace. www.kaneva.com
    LifeLogger — Share audio, video & photos. www.lifelogger.com
    Listal — List & share all your media. www.listal.com
    Livelocker — Link to, rate & share multimedia. www.livelocker.com (Submitted by Norbert Schuler).
    Loomia — Folksonomied media search. www.loomia.com
    Lulu — Publish & sell your content. www.lulu.com
    Magnoto — Phlog & blog. www.magnoto.com
    MediaMax — Store, manage & share media. mediamax.streamload.com
    Myvideokaraoke — Sing & share your song on video. www.myvideokaraoke.com
    Orb — Stream your media, wherever. www.orb.com
    Phanfare — Upload & share photos & videos. www.phanfare.com
    Picpix — Upload & share photos & videos. www.picpix.com
    Pixpulse — Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. www.pixpulse.com
    Quizilla — Create & share content. quizilla.com
    Shozu — Upload & share photos, videos & text on your mobile. www.shozu.com
    Songbird — Media player & web browser. www.songbirdnest.com
    Sonr — Track media & media users. sonr.net/beta
    Streamdrive — Upload & share multimedia. www.streamdrive.com
    Streamload — Store & share your media. www.sendspace.com
    Strmz — Clip & share tv & video. strmz.jot.com
    Swagroll — List & share all your media. swagroll.com
    Totoexpress — Hoste, collaborate on, share & deliver content. www.totoexpress.com
    Vidilife — Upload & share media. www.vidilife.com
    Yiibu — Remix, adapt, expand, share & sell content. yiibu.com

    NEWS 2.0
    180n. Choose what's news. www.180n.com
    Backfence — Publish & share community news. www.backfence.com
    Bandnews — Search band news. www.bandnews.org
    Blogniscient. Rank blog articles. blogniscient.com
    Buzzingo — Buzz notifier (Yahoo + Feeling Lucky mash-up). www.buzzingo.com
    Cluckoo — Publish & share local news. www.cluckoo.com
    Crisscross — Comment on & add to news. www.crisscross.com
    Dailymashup — Flickr + Delicious + Yahoo news mash-up. dailymashup.com
    Dailyrotation — Share tech websites' headlines. www.dailyrotation.com
    Diggdot — Mash-up news sources to your own taste. diggdot.us
    Feedxs~ — Social feed reading. www.feedxs.com
    Findory — Personalize your news. www.findory.com
    Frankenfeed — Aggregate your feeds. www.frankenfeed.com
    Gabbr — Share news. www.gabbr.com
    Hypersuper — Personalize your news. www.hypersuper.com
    Hypetracker — Popular news searches in graphs. www.hypetracker.com
    Infocaster~ — News & other media thru RSS. www.infocaster.nl
    Inform — Social news stories. www.inform.com
    Knownow — Connecting data, apps & people. www.knownow.com
    Leve1 — Share news. www.leve1.com
    Linkedfeed — Folksonomied news. www.linkedfeed.com
    Megite — Discover & help select news. www.megite.com
    Memeorandum — Folksonomied news summaries. www.memeorandum.com
    Newradio — Find & vote for news. n.ewradio.co.uk
    Newsalloy — Discover, read & share news. www.newsalloy.com
    Newsbump — Submit & rank news. www.newsbump.net
    Newsgarbage — Post, moderate & controle news. www.newsgarbage.com
    Newsvine — Read, write & discuss news. www.newsvine.com
    Newzingo — News tag cloud; Google News mash-up. newzingo.com
    Nowpublic — Share, submit & revenue share news content. www.nowpublic.com
    Nulltag — News tag clouds. www.nulltag.com
    On2go — News & alerts on your mobile. www.on2go.com
    Pegasusnews — Neighborhood news, customized. pegasusnews.typepad.com/homepage
    Reddit — Submit, rate & rank news. reddit.com
    Rojo — Discover, organize, read & share content. www.rojo.com
    Sabifoo — Read & publish news through messenger. www.sabifoo.com
    Scoopgo — Personalized news agents. www.scoopgo.com
    Shoutwire — Rank & share news. www.shoutwire.com
    Slashdigg — Slashdot + Digg mash-up. www.slashdigg.com
    Sponit — Publish & share funny news. sponit.com
    Squeet — Receive News, Blogs, RSS or feeds in your email. www.squeet.com
    Stockdigg — Read, submit & rank financial news. www.stockdigg.com
    Strategicboard — Share tech news. www.strategicboard.com
    Tailrank — Read news (ranking through algorithm). www.tailrank.com
    Theport — Create & host your own news aggregator. www.theport.com
    Topix — Share & discuss news. www.topix.net
    Wordnews — News tagged in Times. www.typedown.com/external-01/news/yahoo-wordnews.php
    Yahoo Tag Soup — News tag cloud; Yahoo News mash-up. yahoo.theherrens.com

    OFFICE 2.0
    Agatra — Web-based password saving. www.agatra.com
    Avvenu — Remote access to your computer. www.avvenu.com
    Eyeos — Virtual office operating system. www.eyeos.org
    Mywebdesktop — Personal & collaborative desktop functions. www.mywebdesktop.net
    Thinkfree — Web based office suite. online.thinkfree.com
    Zohovirtualoffice — Online office suite. www.zoho.com/virtual-office

    OS 2.0
    Xin — Online OS for Ajax serverapps. www.naltabyte.se

    OUTLOOK 2.0
    Plaxo — Contact synchronizer. www.plaxo.com

    Ogle — Capture, re-use & 3D print 3D data. ogle.eyebeamresearch.org

    POLLS 2.0
    Contentvote — Add voting to your blog content. www.contentvote.com
    Dpolls — Create, vote for & search polls. www.dpolls.com
    Polloo — Polls about happiness. www.polloo.com
    Pollplaza~ — Collective polling. www.pollplaza.nl
    Quimble — Create, vote for & search polls. www.quimble.com
    Rateitall — Rate & share opinions on everything. www.rateitall.com
    Zohochallenge — Collective polling. www.zohochallenge.com

    PORN 2.0
    Eonsex — Porn search. www.eonsex.com
    Juxel — Tag interfaced porn. www.juxel.com
    Pornalicious — Social porn bookmarking. www.porn-a-licious.com
    Savemyporn — Adult search. www.savemyporn.com
    Webgoggles. Adult search. www.webgoggles.com

    PORTAL 2.0
    24eyes — Personal portal. www.24eyes.com
    Browsr — Social directory. www.bloxor.com
    Eskobo — Personal portal. www.eskobo.com
    Favoor — Personal portal. www.favoor.com
    Feedication — Personal portal. www.feedication.com
    Feedpile — Store & share feeds & links. feedpile.com
    Feedtv — Feed portal. www.feedfeeds.com
    Fold — Personal portal. www.fold.com
    Fyuze — Feed portal. www.fyuze.com
    Google IG* — Personal portal. www.google.com/ig
    GoogleIG — Personal portal. www.google.com/ig
    Googlemodules — Lists modules for personal Google homepage. www.googlemodules.com
    Goowy* — Personal portal (desktop & browser versions). webserver002.goowy.com
    Gritwire — Personal portal. www.gritwire.com
    Inbox — Personal portal. www.inbox.com
    Itsastart — Personal portal. www.itsastart.com
    Klipfolio — Personal portal. www.serence.com
    Mobileglu — Web services to your mobile. www.mobileglu.com
    Netvibes* — Personal portal. www.netvibes.com
    Pageflakes — Personal portal. www.pageflakes.com
    Pobb — Personal portal. www.pobb.net
    Protopage — Personal portal. www.protopage.com
    Pushy*~ — Personal portal; also mobile. www.pushy.com
    Start — Personal portal. www.start.com
    Superglu — Delicious/Flickr/Blogger/Etc mash-up. www.suprglu.com
    Windowslive — Personal portal. www.live.com
    Wrickr — Personal portal. www.wrickr.com

    Thumbstack — Make & share presentations online. www.thumbstacks.com

    PROJECTS 2.0
    Airset — Manage & share calendars, contacts, groups. www.airset.com
    Basecamp — Manage your projects. www.basecamphq.com
    Centraldesktop — Group project management. www.centraldesktop.com
    Citadel* — Communicate & share in groups. www.citadel.org
    Dotproject — Open source project management tools. www.dotproject.net
    Gootodo — Online to-do service gootodo.com
    Harvest — Timesheets & reports. www.getharvest.com
    Inventiondb — Create & share online project space. www.inventiondb.com
    Ioutliner — Manage tasks & projects. www.ioutliner.com
    Issuetrackerproduct — Track & manage bugs & other issues. www.issuetrackerproduct.com
    Keepmytime — Web-based timekeeping. www.keepmytime.com
    Near-time. Share resources & collaborate. www.near-time.net
    Projectplace — Run & co-ordinate projects. www.projectplace.com
    Projectspaces — Work together. www.forumone.com/section/services/projectspaces
    Taskfreak — Task manager online. www.taskfreak.com
    Taskspro — Group task manager. www.taskspro.com
    Veetro — Create & share online project space. www.veetro.com
    Webcollaborator — Collaborate online. www.webcollaborator.com
    Zohoplanner — Create & share memo’s & notes online. www.zohoplanner.com

    Blogprinting — Publish, print & sell it. www.blogprinting.com
    Picaboo — Print photo book on demand. www.picaboo.com

    READ 2.0
    Chainreading — List, review & recommend books. www.chainreading.com

    RSS 2.0
    Alesti — Feed reader. www.alesti.org
    Almondrocks — Share feeds. www.almondrocks.com
    Beanrocket — News reader. www.beanrocket.com
    Blogbridge — Feed reader. www.blogbridge.com
    Blogexpress — Feed reader. www.usablelabs.com/productBlogExpress.html
    Bloglet – email syndication of RSS news feeds. www.bloglet.com
    Bloglines — Feed reader. www.bloglines.com
    Evolvepoint — Create, track or find feeds. www.evolvepoint.com
    FeedBlitz – email syndication of RSS news feeds. www.feedblitz.com
    Feedblender — Feed reader. www.feeddigest.com
    Feedburner — Manage your rss & podcast feeds. www.feedburner.com
    Feedbutler — Social feed reader. www.feedbutler.com
    Feedcraft — Create, manage, deliver & track feeds. www.feedcraft.com
    Feeddigest — Mix, filter & republish or syndicate feeds on your website. www.feeddigest.com
    Feedfeeds — RSS reader (Ajax). www.feedfeeds.com
    Feedlounge — Feed reader. www.feedlounge.com
    Feedpath — Social feed reader. feedpath.com/feedreader
    Feedping — Submit your feed to major directories. www.yoursite.com
    Feedxs~ — Create personal feeds (without website), submit thru messenger. www.feedxs.com
    Googlereader — Feed reader. www.google.com/reader
    Gregarius — Feed reader. gregarius.net
    Immediat — Messenger notifications of feeds. immedi.at
    Instantfeed — Messenger notifications of feeds. instantfeed.biggu.com
    Newsgator — RSS aggregation platform. www.newsgator.com
    Nooked — Manage & commercialize your feeds. www.nooked.com
    Odiogo — Convert feeds to speech. www.odiogo.com
    Omea — Manage & enhance your feeds. www.jetbrains.com/omea/reader
    Peoplefeeds — Aggregate personal content. www.peoplefeeds.com
    Podbasket — Converts audio into feeds. www.podbasket.com
    Rapidfeeds — Publish feeds without tech know-how. www.rapidfeeds.com
    RSS2PDF — Convert feeds to PDF. rss2pdf.com
    RSSbandit — Feed reader. www.rssbandit.org
    RSShut — Read & search feeds. www.rsshut.com
    RSSmad — Feed reader & archive. www.rssmad.com
    RSSor — Collect, read & share feeds. rssor.utblog.com
    RSSreader — Feed reader. www.rssreader.com
    TinytinyRSS — Feed reader. tt-rss.spb.ru/trac

    Buddyping — Find friends & events locally (map mash-up). www.buddyping.com
    Goovite — Invite people. www.goovite.com
    Kiko — Onlin calendar. www.kiko.com
    Meetwithapproval — Organize & manage meetings. www.meetwithapproval.com
    Zvents — Organize & manage events. www.zvents.com

    SEARCH 2.0
    1000tags — Tag cloud based search. 1000tags.com
    Ajaxwhois — Results while you type. www.ajaxwhois.com
    Alexa — Contribute to ranked search & stats while you surf. www.alexa.com
    Ambedo — Bookmark, tag & search. www.ambedo.com
    Audioclipping — Search content of audio & video streams. www.audioclipping.de
    Bashr — Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up. www.bashr.com
    Blogdigger — Search blogs. www.blogdigger.com
    Blogpulse — Search blogs. www.blogpulse.com
    Blue — Find & share. www.blue.us
    Browster — Search & browse instantly. www.browster.com
    Clusty — Cluster results in folders. clusty.com
    Collaborativerank — Search & rank. collabrank.org
    Dhoondo — Search all content on the web. www.dhoondho.com
    Digitalmediasearch — Search media. www.moworks.ca/search.aspx
    Dipsie — Deep search. www.dipsie.com
    Ditto — Search images. ditto.com
    Domainsbot — Domain searcg & suggestions. www.domainsbot.com
    Doubletrust — Google + Yahoo mash-up. sushil01.securesites.net/~ashish/doubletrust
    Egosurf — Search yourself, get ranking. www.egosurf.org
    Exalead — Unified search technology. www.exalead.com
    Factbites — Search results in sensible sentences. www.factbites.com
    Feedster — Search for feeds. www.feedster.com
    Filangy — Current search. www.filangy.com
    Gadabe* — RSS metasearch. www.gada.be
    Gahooyoogle — Google + Yahoo mash-up. www.gahooyoogle.com
    Geourl — Location 2 URL directory. geourl.org
    Google* — Search & adwords. www.google.com
    Googleblogsearch — Search blogs. www.google.com/blogsearch
    Gravee — Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads. www.gravee.com
    Hakia — Meaningful results. www.hakia.com
    Healthline — Contextual search for health information. www.healthline.com
    Iamsearched — Are you googled-notification service. www.iamsearched.com
    Ibegin — Local search. ibegin.com
    Icerocket — Search blogs & web. www.icerocket.com
    Instantdomainsearch — Ajax domain search + suggestions. instantdomainsearch.com
    Jookster — Search, rank & share. www.jookster.com
    Kinja — Search blogs. www.kinja.com
    Kosmix — Verticle search. www.kosmix.com
    Kratia — Search, vote & rank results. www.kratia.com
    Lexxe — Meaningful search. www.lexxe.com
    Linkput — Results with suer input. www.linkput.com
    Liveplasma* — Search & find other things to your taste. www.liveplasma.com
    Lumrix — Ajax wiki search. wiki.lumrix.net
    Makidi — Search for people (?). www.makidi.com
    Musicmap — Search & find other things to your taste. www.dimvision.com/musicmap
    Mybigriver — Find while you type; Amazon mash-up. — www.mybigriver.com
    Nextaris — Social search. www.nextaris.com
    Omgili — Search discussion forums. www.omgili.com
    OPMLsearch — Dedicated OPML search. www.opmlsearch.com
    Podzinger — Search podcasts. www.opmlsearch.com
    Prase us — Page rank based search. www.prase.us
    Prefound — Search what people already found. www.prefound.com
    Previewseek*** — Byebye Google? beta.previewseek.com
    Pubsub — Search + profiled alerts. www.pubsub.com
    Qtsaver — Micro content search; Google & Yahoo mash-ups qtsaver.com
    Qtsearch — Search for content in Yahoo & Google. www.qtsaver.com
    Qube — Search engine aggregator (client). qube.qelix.com
    Quintura — Search engine with visualized context terms (client). qube.qelix.com
    Qwerky — Search strange site names. qwerky.stellify.net
    Qwika — Search wikis. www.qwika.com
    Releton — Google + Yahoo + maps & routes. www.releton.com
    Retrievr* — Search images by sketching. labs.systemone.at/retrievr
    Riya* — Face recognition based photo search. riya.com
    Rollyo* — Create search agents. rollyo.com
    Seekum — User ranked search results. www.seekum.com
    Suckingfish — Save, collaborate on & publish search results. suckingfish.com
    Surfwax — Multisource search. www.surfwax.com
    Swicki — Search with user input. www.swicki.eurekster.com
    Tagnautica — Search Flickr. www.quasimondo.com/tagnautica.php
    Talkdigger — Search & discuss results from blogs & web. www.talkdigger.com
    Technorati* — Find what people are saying. www.technorati.com
    Watvindenwijover~ — Find & vote for information. watvindenwijover.nl
    Who-isit — Whois, ping, check link popularity whois-it.com
    Whonu — Discover/search content (more) intuitively. www.whonu.com
    Wikimatrix — Find & compare your wikis. www.wikimatrix.org
    Wink — Folksonomied search. www.wink.com
    Yellowbook — Yellow pages aggregator. www.yellowbook.com
    Yoono — Search, exchange & share information. www.yoono.com
    Yubnub* — Search & share search commands. www.yubnub.org
    Zigtag — Search, save & share results. www.zigtag.com

    SOFTWARE 2.0
    301url — Shorten your url. www.301url.com
    37signals* — Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. www.37signals.com
    Abaqueinside — Catalogue ware. www.abaqueinside.com
    Ajax — Mozilla developer community. developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/AJAX
    Ajaxpaterns — Ajax developers portal. ajaxpatterns.org
    Ajaxshowcase — Aggregates Ajax applications. www.ajaxshowcase.com
    Ataja — Shorten your url. www.ataja.es
    B2evolution — Open source blog engine. www.b2evolution.net
    Backbase* — Ajax applications. www.backbase.com
    Bluepulse — Internet 2 cell phone. bluepulse.com
    Codase — Search for & share code. www.codase.com
    Cordance — Dataweb technologies. www.cordance.net
    Cyberdummy — Share code. www.cyberdummy.co.uk
    Django — Python apps. www.djangoproject.com
    Dojo — Share JS tools. www.dojotoolkit.org
    Easyutil — Api for recommendations. www.easyutil.com
    Elfurl — Make long url's short. elfurl.com
    Krugle — Search open source software. www.krugle.com
    Mendix*~ — Semantic application development www.mendix.com
    Meta — Forum software inc. tags & ranking. www.blursoft.com/meta
    Mochikit — Suite of JS libraries. www.mochikit.com
    Montastic — Monitor your website. www.montastic.com
    Mozilla — Browser add-ons & mash-ups. addons.mozilla.org
    Ning — Create social apps. www.ning.com
    Notlong — Shorten your url. notlong.com
    Openrico — Open source Java library. www.openrico.org
    Oszone — Share code. oszone.org
    Plogger — Open source photo gallery system. www.plogger.org
    Processing — Share code for imaging, animations, sound. www.processing.org
    Projectip — Recognizes anything on your computer. projectip.com
    Qooxdoo — javascript GUI toolkit. qooxdoo.oss.schlund.de
    Radrails — Develop Ruby on Rails apps. www.radrails.org
    Rubyonrails* — Web development framework. www.rubyonrails.com
    Scriptacilous — Javascript libraries 2.0 style. script.aculo.us
    Sitevista — Test your website. www.sitevista.com
    Swik — Search for open source software. swik.net
    Textsnippets — Share code. www.textsnippets.com
    Urlx — Shorten your URL. www.urlx.org
    Visualcomplexity — Visualize complexity. www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/about.html
    Vivox — Solutions for communities, communications, games. www.vivox.com
    Weborb — Build, deploy & host rich client apps. www.themidnightcoders.com
    Webripper — Rip files from sites. webripper.dnsalias.com
    Wordcast — Host, manage, measure & monetize podcasting. wordcast.audible.com/wordcast
    Wsfinder — Search APIs and web services. wsfinder.jot.com
    Yahoo developer network — Javascript developer center. developer.yahoo.net/javascript
    Zoho creator — Create & share applications. www.zoho.com

    STATS 2.0
    Blogbeat — Blog analytics software. www.blogbeat.net
    Crazyegg — Improve effectiveness of your site. crazyegg.com
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    Mapstats — Map blog traffic. mapstats.blogflux.com
    Mint — Site analytics software. www.haveamint.com
    Mybloglog — Blog analytics. www.mybloglog.com

    TAGGING 2.0
    30daytags — Fresh tagclouds. www.30daytags.com
    Cloudalicious — Follow site's tags over time. cloudalicio.us
    Groopus — Visualize your social context based on tags. groop.us
    Neato -Tagging plug-in for Wordpress. www.neato.co.nz
    Tagcloud — Folksonomied, personalized tag clouds. www.tagcloud.com
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    Sproutliner — Manage your tasks. sproutliner.com
    Timetracker — Keep track of time. www.formassembly.com/time-tracker
    Trackslife — Manage & share your to do-lists. www.trackslife.com

    TEXT 2.0
    Bbbuddy — Organize, store, edit & share your texts. www.bbbuddy.com
    Bibli — Publish & share texts. www.bibli.ca
    Citeulike — Store, share, manage academic papers. www.citeulike.org
    Cluebacca — Storing & organizing text clips. www.cluebacca.com
    Glypho — Read & write books together. www.glypho.com
    Ilovetravelstories — Publish or bookmark & rank travel stories. www.ilovetravelstories.com
    Livejournal — Blogging solution & social software. www.livejournal.com
    Reader2 — Share reading lists. reader2.com
    Readitswapit — Swap books. www.readitswapit.co.uk
    Sharingpoint — Publish, link to & share health information. www.sharingpoint.net
    Wikipedia* — Read & co-edit encyclopedia. en.wikipedia.org/wiki
    Wikitravel — Read & co-edit travel guide. wikitravel.org/en
    Wisdomark — Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories. wisdomark.com
    World66 — Read & co-edit travel guide. www.world66.com

    Readspeaker — Text2speech app. www.readspeaker.com
    Springdoo — Add your voice to your email. www.springdoo.com

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    TRACK & TRACE 2.0
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    WI-FI 2.0
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    WIKI 2.0
    Epictrip — Multimedia travel wiki. www.epictrip.com
    Foopad — Create your own wiki. www.foopad.com
    Schtuff — Wiki service. www.schtuff.com
    Serversidewiki — Mini-wiki. www.serversidewiki.com
    Socialtext — Enterprise wiki solutions. www.socialtext.com
    Stikipad — Wiki solution. www.stikipad.com (Submitted by Björn Ognibeni).
    Wikispaces — Collaborative content & editing. ht
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    Comments 20

      Пару полезных ссылок для себя почерпнул, спасибо.
        Спасибо большое.
        Только вот жалко, что русского тут нету. Вообще не видел никогда список с русскими W2.0 проектами.
        А помеченные звездочками сайты - это к чему?
          Спасибо !!!

          У меня от такого перечня проектов глаза в разные стороны разъехались, смотреть не пересмотреть :-)
            А мне из десяти нажатых ссылок открылось два сайта откровенно рекламной направленности; я смотрел, в основном, в разделе IMAGES 2.0, а тут какие-то автомобили из Владивостока и проч. Не хотелось бы грешить, но не разбавлен списочек-то, а?..
              Заранее прошу прощения, если это не такъ.
                я нашел этот список, и ничего туда не добавлял
              Вот, пожалуйста http://www.allthingsweb2.com/
                еще большой список с рейтингом (не самый свежий, но довольно хороший): http://www.seomoz.org/web2.0/
                  Почему русских то нет?
                  Я вот знаю
                  они выставлялись на последней PHPConf
                  Не сочтите за рекламу, но вот еще один "2.0" проектик для фотомонтажа: www.kwidge.com.ua
                  Кому нужно больше деталей по проекту, то они описаны у меня на www.mihailov.com.ua (далеко не web2.0 :) ).
                    Ого, списочек :)
                      русский web 2.0 каталог
                          Для освоения этого списка веб2.0 нужна жизнь2.0 и голова2.0 ))
                            А где же SoundCloud?
                              PORN 2.0
                              Youporn - http://www.youporn.com

                                ссылка для перевода этой страницы)) не знал я что когда-нибудь мне пригодится переводчик на русских сайтах))
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