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Original author: Lev Goncharov
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I was putting things in order in a garage, when I found an arithmometer Felix M. It is old school iron gadget, there are no electronics inside.

Ages ago, my father used to work as an engineer. He had used a student slide rule & a piece of sheet for calculating, so, he bought an arithmometer Felix M in 1978 for increasing calculation speed. It was the decline of the arithmometers. On one hand, it was possible to buy an Elektronika B3-18A, but on the other hand, a price was stratospheric, The price was 220rub, but an engineer salary was about 120-140rub. However, an arithmometer price was 15rub. An arithmometer price was winning argument & my father bought it. Interesting fact: the Felix M is a great traveller. It was bought in Cherepovets, moved to from Vladivostok to Baikonur, stayed in Chelyabinsk and finally moved to Saint Petersburg.


The arithmometer weight is about 5kg. It was stored in a garage about 20-25 years. As a result, doesn't look really good, however, it works fine.

Front view:


  1. Adding/subtraction handle.
  2. Per digit key for setup number.
  3. Blocker.
  4. Counter reset handler.
  5. Counter.
  6. Result.
  7. Shift handle.
  8. Result reset handler.

Left side view:


Rear view:



Right side view:


Bottom view:


Top view:






Inside view:


How does it work? Let's multiply 11 by 321:

  1. Select 11.
  2. The 1st turn — multiple by 1.
  3. Right shift by 1.
  4. The 2nd turn — multiple by 20 and increase the previous result.
  5. Right shift by 1.
  6. The 3rd turn — multiple by 300 and increase the previous result.
  7. The result is 3531.


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Comments 7

    I've heard about them but never seen. Do you mind cleaning it from dust inside and oiling the mechanism?

      Well, it’s a sophisticated question… I did photos 6 years ago for the original post. The gadget is a part of decorations in my apartments. I have a task in a trello for reparing & cleaning the gadget… however, I have moved it from Chelyabinsk to Saint Petersburg only.

      I think it would be a good idea to use soft type of anti-rust chemicals. I'd recommend a Trilon-B. It won't do any harm to the metal as it's not an acid.
        thank you, i've added this note into trello card. I hope I will do update for that post
        «Right shit» by 1 — please read your post carefully. However, a very nice antique mechanic piece of equipment :)
          Thank you!

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