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Real-time Chat Solutions vs Chat Platforms — Make Your Choice

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It’s More Than You Imagine…

The possibility of acquiring more profit through a chat app solution is gaining popularity than adopting to monthly plans based chat platforms

With the rise of instant conversation among the users, it's not surprising that the global mobile messaging app is estimated to reach around 2.1 billion active users by 2020. When the communication lies as the significant action in nature, then in fact the underlying tool “messaging application” also acquires the same importance. Thus, every chat platforms like WhatsApp demand a great market value according to the features and functionalities listed. Most of the business professionals and enterprises are urged to rely on subscription-based plans to avail such messaging platform.

There are several chat app providers in the market under the parameter of SaaS (chat platforms) & Solutions (chat solutions) for building your messaging app. The business process of building a chat app is now turning to be so versatile where the spectrum of choices in choosing the ideal messaging product provider is easy-peasy as never before.

The Top Leading Chat Solutions To Build Your Chat Application

Ultimately, “BUILD” is the ideal option for choosing unlimited accessibility to features and functionality to aggrandize the engagement of your messaging platform. On choosing the specific functionality will enhance the chat application’s performance and maximizes the user retention. Monthly Subscription of features and functionalities will not be under essential actions, whereas chat solution’ payment is done at a single mode for every feature the business — professional wish to. At present, there are some chat app solution providers (Contus Fly, Apphitect, Mirrorfly etc.,) where customization has been the major focus of the services these solutions offer.

1. Contus Fly

A complete chat solution provider with having built-in WebRTC functionality to build a customized messaging application on Mobile and Web.

2. Mirrorfly

A package of customizable messaging solution that provides messaging API and Chat SDK to build real-time chat app across platforms.

3. Apphitect

An instant messaging solution provider with seamless integration of in-app messaging SDK and Chat API for mobile and web applications.

The Extensive Spotlights in Choosing Chat Solutions:

Customization at its Peak: Whether the chat application is meant to be built for enterprise or different industrial communication, chat solution providers have the potentiality to build the messaging platform that precisely yields to the different industries and messaging strategy.

Illimitable Scalability: Let the users experience unending conversations with limitless scaling possibilities. These solutions provide cloud storage with zero monthly maintenance cost. Hosted solutions the risk of app-breaking scalability limitations at a persistent rate.

One-Time Payment Offers Forever Hosting Option: Most of the chat app solution providers offer on-premises hosting solutions. The hosting infrastructure can be backed by oneself to overseer entire networking and disregard the worry of security.

Monetization: Everything you need from development to monetizing the chat application with a diverse mode of options such as In-app purchase, In-chat pay, subscriptions, sponsorship etc.,

Unlimited Video/Voice Chat: The glory of Pay-per-have been out of the spotlight for a long time now. Unlimited data transaction through limitless WebRTC equipped chat application for possessing uninterrupted Video/Voice chat solution is the feature that creates the buzz at present.

The Untold Snag Behind The Subscription-Based Chat Apps

As far as the business and enterprise chat application market is concerned, most of the chat service providers (Pusher, Quickblox, PubNub etc.,) are fixed on their features and functionalities which cannot be customized to user required variations.

1. Pusher

A hosted platform to build real-time functionality that sits between the hosting server and client servers over WebSockets.

2. Quickblox

Mobile-first Saas platforms offer service to add functionality such as instant messaging, video & voice calling.

3. PubNub

Provider of real-time subscription-based messaging API which can be built on their own streaming network.

The number of features and custom plans decides. the credibility of a chat application where the enterprises cannot avail specific feature such as monetization options or video chat functionality etc., for their convenience. Thus, SaaS messaging products tend to be unsuccessful in adapting to any enterprise expectation. However, there are few pitfalls to be considered ongoing with the concept of “BUYing” messaging platforms.

The Benefits of Purchasing the Chat Platforms:


Concurrent User Limitations: This certainly downs the possibility of hundreds and thousands of users to actively participate in conversion when it comes to enterprise chat platform for an organization or community has more than 100 thousand users.

Chat Kit Integration: Every organization or chat solution seeking professionals would create chat functionality based on the requirement as 1-to-1 chat functionality or group chat. This frequent integration according to the state of condition would further increase the service cost using developers.

Limited Cloud Storage: On concerning a finite possibility of storing your multimedia files where the usage limit is restricted and continuous to be based on premium plans for restricted cloud storage.

Limited Period of Message Retention: A default message retention period would cause loss of tons of moments conversation and data shared within the chat application.

UI Customization: One of the significant features, where the actual engagement of your users on the chat application takes place, understanding the user experience and customizing to the actual most-liked theme of the user, magnifies the engagement of the chat app in 2x.

Build vs Buy

The population of SaaS chat app toolkit is drowning where the customization of preferred features had never been an option. Each enterprise focuses on seeking a specific kind of monetization methodology to be implemented on their chat app based on the nature of the user base. This kind of clear-cut requirement is tailored perfectly through solutions such as BUILD (building your chat solution) rather than SaaS that lets you BUY. Moreover, subscription-based messaging platforms or monthly-plans based chat platforms periodically minimizes the implementation of features and requires a huge amount of cost to be carried to construct a successful chat application.
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