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Basically if you have your bachelors and a work contract with a German company, you can go to embassy and relocate, simple.
If you have your degree and it strictly matches your job description.
Depends on respective embassy, but officials currently residing in German embassy in Russia understand term «strictly matches», well, very strictly. However, if your education is suitable for Blue Card requirements, the whole procedure is very simple and fast.
I'm wondering… What kind of IT professionals, except programmers, have real chance to get job in Germany?

ps It's not irony, it's a question.
хороший вопрос, если смотреть на сис админов то часто конечно ищут немецкоязычных но и англоязычных тоже ищут, также DBA Девопсов ищут, QAs, Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Infrastructure Engineers_ сложнее ребятам из менеджмента, скорее всего нужно будет идти на позицию ниже
Thank you for the article.

I have a question about this:
You would need to collect the certificates from your past employers

Is there any way to prove my experience if I was self-employed or unofficially employed in some part of my career? There is no one to prove my work experience working on my own projects except me.
Хороший вопрос, как я это понимаю нужна будет справка переведенная на немецкий с печатью, или может быть перевод трудовой, точно нужно уточнять у консульства. Как самозанятый может быть контракт, к сожалению точно не знаю придумывать не буду. Но в общем так как у вас есть контракт на руках то исходят из того что вы проверенный специалист
2700 это примерно 55000 до налогов, вполне реально
Could you explain one point? Can I get a blue card if I have long-term working experience as an IT project manager, but I graduated Bachelor's degree in Physics? I'm going to apply for the IT project manager position.
No, it will not work. To obtain a Blue Card, you must have a degree in a field of your work (diploma will be checked against vacancy description). In your case it has to be a degree in IT project management.
It will most probably work out, I have a candidate who did Material Science and he just got his visa to work as a software developer. Besides Physics is a very fundamental study that can be applied in many professions. Even if Blue Card won't work out you can get a normal work permit.
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