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The problem is that i see articles like that every year last, like, ten years. I believe that someday it will be more than hype. But I'm pretty sure I will not live so long.
Honey, you could not see such an article ten years ago, because all these technologies were invented in recent years only! Check up your false memory! For example, glucosepane breaker ensymes have come in 2017 year only!
Hone(y)stly, I'm not an expert in this field. Words like «glucosepane breaker ensymes» haven't much meaning for a simpleton like me. The only things I could estimate is result. And we still have no result in vivo. That's what I know.
I'm not an expert
This is what from you have to begin with! Article has enough links to follow!
And I will become an expert? Funny thought.
My findings are meaningless if taken out of context.

Ariel Feinerman: Is any progress in the OncoSENS programme? Have you found any ALT genes? Is any ongoing research in WILT?

Aubrey de Grey: No – in the end that program was not successful enough to continue with, so we stopped it

For example, glucosepane breaker ensymes have come in 2017 year only

Every generation comes with its own silver bullet against aging
I like the idea of your Russian writer about separating the head from the body and keeping only this one. As far as I know, under certain conditions, the brain remains functioning for a long time. At the same time the problem of oncology is removed (almost completely). It remains only to adapt the sensors and send such a head into space, there is just not enough space for high-grade life support systems. And for the life support of the brain a lot of space and resources are not needed. And let some of the time play games, and some of the time control the mining of ore on asteroids.
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