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Frontend Weekly Digest (5 – 11 August 2019)

Website development *CSS *JavaScript *HTML *
This week we issue a really huge selection of all the essential news you might have missed on Front-end development. Make sure to check the latest updates on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


Let Mavo Shine in Building Interactive Web Applications
A Simple Introduction to Web Workers in JavaScript
Creating Interactive, Highly Optimized Emails with Google’s AMP Framework
Why is modern web development so complicated? A long yet hasty explanation: Part 1!
Which Is Best: A Loyalty Program PWA Or Mobile App?
A Contact Picker for the Web
video Now Live: Your SmashingConf Toronto Playlist


Writing Modes And CSS Layout
Learning CSS by reading specs
video Client-side JS Redirects: Can Googlebot Detect Them? #AskGoogleWebmasters
Handling Unused CSS In SASS To Improve Performance
CSS :empty Selector
Weekly Platform News: CSS font-style: oblique, webhin browser extension, CSS Modules V1
Design Principles for Developers: Processes and CSS Tips for Better Web Design
Moving Text on a Curved Path
5 Super CSS Grid Generators for Your Layouts
Sub-pixel rendering and borders


How to Drag & Drop HTML Elements and Files using Javascript
Building My First Svelte App: Thoughts and Impressions
Working With ECMAScript 2019 Asynchronous Iteration Using “for-of”
Interesting use cases for JavaScript bitwise operators
JavaScript Promise combinators: .all(), .race(), .allSettled()

Thanks for reading! Feel free to send us your articles or fresh useful content you want to see in the next digest.
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