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Security and censorship circumvention: 5 VPN and proxies for Google Chrome

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Nowadays, privacy and censorship are the top problems for internet users. There are hackers who want to steal your data, governments, and corporations, which imply block and restrict freedom. Here is the list of five tools to protect your web browsing and circumvent censorship.

Hola VPN

Free VPN and proxy tool with no traffic and speed limitations. You can choose your virtual locations from the list of 15 geographical areas. At first glance, this proxy works similar to other tools from this list. However, there are differences, as well. Hola acts as a peer-to-peer service: computers of the system participants are used as routers for data transfer.

This approach caused some controversy in the past: several years ago, Hola VPN was accused of selling traffic and having vulnerabilities in their software.


One more tool which is a good fit for geo-unblocking. According to own data, the service has the largest server fleet on the market (5800+ servers). This allows NordVPN to provide enough bandwidth for online streaming, torrenting/P2P. Here you can find a thorough review of this service, here we will just mention that it uses OpenVPN protocol and AES 256-bit encryption (with double data protection).

Betternet Proxy

This tool solely focuses on censorship circumvention. So, you should not expect any protection of your data. However, it works fast and reliable. Thus, when you need a quick way to unblock some content and go further — this should be one of the first options.

Hotspot Shield

This is a quite popular VPN tool. It has a basic free version which allows using servers from a limited list of countries (US, Canada, France, Netherlands, Denmark). Premium users can access servers in other countries as well.

TunnelBear VPN

VPN services with a network of servers in 20+ countries. The company's focus is on privacy. This is why it conducts public security audits to prove that the service does not use users' connections for any purpose and does not sell their data to third parties.

What useful VPN and proxies do you know? Share names and links in the comments below!
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