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Technology and the real world: 4 Start-ups that are changing the future of interior design

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Internet and new tech are currently disrupting many industries, even some that you might not think are prone to such changes. For interior design, which may seem like an utterly offline and personal thing, many people have become accustomed to sharing their homes with strangers across the world for inspiration and to simply show off their style.

Here is a comprehensive list of startups that are changing the whole interior design industry and making everything quicker, more affordable, and more convenient for customers. Let's check them out!


This website is a perfect tool for discovering design ideas and choosing the ones you like. Afterward, the platform connects you to local professionals who can make these concepts real. Another good thing: you can purchase goods right from their collection.


One of the hottest interior design startups, which has just raised $32 million recently. This internal design platform is a perfect fit for when you are about to redesign your entire home or apartment, and you want everything to be beautiful, but aren’t even sure of basic things such as how cordless blinds work.


At Decorist, you can get connected to professional designers, who will send you concepts of your new interior. You don’t have to commit to an entire apartment, you can start just with a single room.


This tool is perfect for those who find it difficult to understand how the final result will look like just from a two-dimensional drawing. Modsy is a constructor that works just like any website builder but for interior design. With it, you can create realistic 360-degree models or «virtual rooms.» The user can turn it over, spin, and move virtual furniture back and forth.

What other hot interior design technology startups do you know? Share links in the comments below!
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