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React benefits: A blessing for Businesses?

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Launched in 2013, React has been successfully used to develop 1,004,124 websites in the past 6 years. The Javascript library React JS is known for giving simple programming experience and improved performance.

It was released by Facebook to resolve the issues of coding and maintenance with their ads. It was developed with an intention to increase and manage Facebook ads traffic. React has successfully delivered the expected outcomes throughout its journey.

Its latest version 16.12.0 was released recently on 14 November 2019. The constant up-gradation of the library has given it extreme popularity among custom software developers.

According to the Stack Overflow survey, React JS has been voted as the most loved framework. Here is the graph that shows the percentage score of different frameworks.

Undoubtedly, React has popularity which is unbeatable by others. It has been kept well maintained and updated by Facebook with the help of the developers’ community. You might have read a lot why React is most loved by developers but few are those who tell that why React is a blessing for businesses.

Probably this is the reason why many top-notch companies with high traffic are writing codes in React. Some of the popular use cases of React are given below:

Instagram: a photo-sharing platform that has become a popular social networking site.

Twitter: A globally popular social networking site that has become quite influential for PR as well.

Whatsapp: A high-traffic messaging app that has gained unbeatable popularity all around the world.

Facebook: The company which launched this library is maintaining its ad campaigns with the codes of React.

This blog will help the businesses to discover the aspects of React and their impact on the software development projects. So, here are the reasons to choose React over all other programming tools for your next custom software development:

Benefits of React #1: High Performance:

The performance of a programming technology depends heavily on the DOM which can be understood as the user interface. Any changes in UX bring a change to the DOM. Javascript technologies launched prior to React like Angular used Real DOM.

React is using a virtual DOM. a big advantage of this feature is its ability to eliminate the problem of slow performance by Real DOM. It is lightweight and not specific to a particular browser. It comes free of cost with React and a major reason behind its popularity.

Benefits of React #2: Strong Community Support

React has been supported by a top-notch IT brand, Facebook. This library was created to maintain the traffic of ad campaigns by Facebook. Constantly, React gets updates and support from the strong community of Facebook.

Facebook has invested a lot in React by writing codes of its various products with React. This has been a major reason behind the growing popularity and trust of React in the community of developers.

According to Stateofjs research, it has been found out that maximum developers voted for React when they were given this option: used it, would use again. Here are the graph and index of the same.

Benefits of React #3: SEO-Friendly

If you keep Google aside then there are many search engines like Bing, Baidu, and yahoo that fails to read heavy apps written in Javascript. Reactjs has eliminated this issue and runs without any hassle on the server.

The SEO-friendly attribute of this library gives maximum traffic to your app. Wherever possible React can re-use the components which allow users to dynamically control the app. Hence if you wish to rank your app on the first page then there is no other programming technology better than React.

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Benefits of React #4: React Native for mobile app development

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook to develop native apps by using the React library. This framework allows the React developers to create native apps without compromising with the experience of users.

React native is being used by Skype, Walmart, Airbnb, etc apart from Facebook. The adopters of React Native are quite happy with their performance. It allows developing native apps with a rich user interface.

Benefits of React #5: Zero entry barrier

After a few days of tutorials, any Javascript developer can start creating web apps with this library. An insight into its basic functions is very easy and can help the programmers to become custom React developers.

You will not have to deal with an imposed template, pattern, architecture like MVC. It provides high flexibility and support to the newcomers. One just needs to comfortable with its components.


React being a light-weight Javascript library is known for its community support and optimum performance. Software developers vouch for this programming tool and show interest in using it in future projects.

This is the reason that it has been proved through statistics that React is the most popular framework. For further information, you can talk to a react web developer. They can tell in detail whether you should hire React developers or not for your next software development project.

In case, you have something to share with us then you can write in the comment section below. I am open to suggestions and criticism as healthy discussions increase knowledge. Keep reading, keep sharing!
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