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PHP: Used with relational and traditional databases
NodeJs: Works fine with NoSQL databases like CouchDB and MongoDB

Seriously? They are identical it terms of connectivity with database. Nor PHP or JS doesn't have any unique feature that can make databases more accessible. I think the best example can be C# with it's LINQ syntax and expressions. That is really noticeable feature that can make your life easier and safe. Does PHP or JS have something like that? I doubt.

PHP: Suitable when you need to complete a task quickly
NodeJs: Suitable when you need an optimized end result

Really? They are both dynamically typed languages as result huge set of optimization is not available for them. If you want
optimized end result
you have to use something like Jave/C#/Go or C/C++/Rust if you want even more optimized result.

With PHP, coding is simple and easy
With NodeJs, deploying frameworks requires complex server infrastructure

The same issue… Both of them can be deployed with or without webserver. The decision depends on what features, performance, network configuration do you require.
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