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Ideas for Startups in 2020: 5 Distinct on-demand Mobile App

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We have transcended into a world where most of the services that we want our needs available right in the comfort and confines of our homes! It is quite likely that an application addresses those needs.What makes these applications more interesting and relevant is the fact that they can identify the user and multiple attributes.

One of the significant attributes that can be identified by using mobile applications is the precise location of the user. The GPS, which was once confined to the military and aviation industry, has now been made available to almost every smartphone user. The GPS, combined with the mapping and navigation services by technology companies like Google and Apple, has made it extremely easy for the service provider to reach the location of the user.

The combination of smartphones, user profiles, and GPS has given rise to a new string of mobile apps for services called on-demand mobile apps. As the name implies, these mobile apps are designed to deliver services for customers when they need it. The question of how the service provider will reach the customer’s location is effectively taken care of by the GPS and mapping combination.

Uber was the first company to recognize the potential of this combination, and needless to say, it has revolutionized not only the cab industry, but the entire landscape of transportation. It has been so impactful that the model has trickled down to other industries that have made use of this combination to provide their set of services. To expand into the already vast spectrum of services, businesses like GoJek and WeChat have integrated multiple services into that app, giving rise to a new breed of applications called super apps.

Anything said, the market is quite wide and open for new players to not only mark their presence but also make a profit. This proves a lucrative opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to create a business out of this on-demand apps. It not only gives you the certainty of a tried and tested business model but also helps in the profitable coexistence of multiple players. Here are the top five services that can benefit from the on-demand revolution:

Transportation apps


The need for transportation will continue to exist for as long as humans exist. However, the dimensions in which transportation services were consumed has drastically changed in the past few decades. It is no longer about travelling from point a to b or to local destinations for an entire day.
Earlier, the transportation ecosystem used to be governed by the variants when it comes to the needs of people. Sometimes, they want to travel in large groups. Sometimes, it is all about a one off travel to a mall or a tourist place within the city. Sometimes, it is about daily commute from home to office. Sometimes, it is about travelling between cities or local destinations for an entire day.  

Earlier, the transportation ecosystem used to be governed by Mobile phones and ledgers. However, with the advent of on demand apps for transportation, all you need is a mobile app to book your ride. You can even opt for luxury travel with the options available.

More often than not,  entrepreneurs tend to think of Uber and similar services as the only transportation app ideas. However, you can also consider creating apps for ridesharing and daily commute. There are a lot of apps like Uber that can hit the market and still be profitable in spite of heavy competition.

On demand food delivery apps


Just like transportation, or probably more than transportation, food remains a basic need for humankind. The increase in food delivery business has resulted in a paradigm shift when it comes to food consumption. Just like restaurants and takeaways, food delivery also forms a major chunk of food consumption. Delivery applications connect restaurants and consumers through an aggregator platform. There are multiple ways in which you can design food delivery apps. Some of them are subscription delivery, healthy food delivery, food delivery for school going children and geriatric food delivery.

On demand beauty application

Beauty services have slowly started to become more of a service than as an industry. Irrespective of the salon that you visit, you would like to have high-end products applied on your skin and hair. If you no longer care about the salon, think you might as well avail the services at home offered by trained beauticians.

This has introduced the new concept of beauty services on demand at home. If you are a qualified beautician, you can enlist yourself on one of the platforms that provides beauty services at home. These on demand beauty service apps help qualified beauticians find better earning opportunities and also give a chance for users to enjoy quality beauty services within the comfort and confines of their homes.

On demand house cleaning app


In the urban lifestyle, where time is quite a luxury, people might not have time for cleaning their houses. The good news is that, there are applications that are available to provide this service at a time when users need them. These on demand house cleaning applications work on the same principle as Uber. The customer can choose from the list of household services that they would like to avail, and they can request the house cleaning person to arrive at their home and get the cleaning done.

This saves a lot of time and effort involved in searching for maids and paying them during the time when you might not even need cleaning. For example, if you have had a party the previous night, you might want deep cleaning, but if it is just another casual day, you might just want a sweep off the floor.

On demand mechanic services

There has been a steady increase in the consumption of automobiles. A lot of people have started to buy their own cars and bikes, and it might not be an exaggeration to say that cars have become quite an affordable luxury in even developing economies like India. The growth of the number of cars means that there is a proportional growth for the demand for car mechanics. These mechanics generally have their own garages and for the want of real estate and the cost involved, these garages tend to be located well outside the city. It might be a big hassle for you to take the car to the garage, especially when your car is not at its best.

On-demand mechanic services app can help you get the mechanic to your home with all the essential tools. If not for setting the car right, it at least takes away the responsibility of driving the car all the way from your home to the garage.


What Uber has opened up is not just a business model but rather the floodgates to a new perspective of connecting customers and service providers. On-demand applications effectively take care to efficiently bridge the gap that has been cutting off revenue of service providers and attenuating comfort for customers. Given this revolution, it is probably the right time for  aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own on demand app.
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