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Rule The Industry With These Top Software Ideas in 2020

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The software industry is growing at a fast pace and by many folds, as every year passes. It has been estimated that by 2021, the software market revenue will reach US $507.23 billion. The opportunistic entrepreneurs are striving to reap maximum benefits from this flourishing industry.


This results in millions of startups entering the software industry. But every story in the IT industry does not have a happy ending. According to the findings of a study, 68% of IT projects fail. This means that it requires immense efforts to make a difference in the IT industry.

The initial foundation of your project has to be robust. In the IT industry, this can be done by working on a unique and innovative software idea. You will have to come up with a fresh idea as something which worked in this dynamic software industry last year will not be sufficient for 2020.

If you have landed on this page then I assume that you are searching for a software idea. Although you will have to develop this idea on your own or with the help of some experienced software developers.

Here is the list of top software ideas for 2020:

Software ideas for 2020 #1: An e-learning software:

Education is going digital in the twenty-first century. Have you heard about smart classes or educational apps? These apps are making learning interesting for children. Young entrepreneurs are getting an e-learning app developed to motivate a new way of teaching.


Have you heard about Chromville? It is a popular app that allows children to see the colored figures coming to life. This is fun indeed but it also facilitates easy memorizing of stories. Are you wondering which technology makes such things happen? It is possible with augmented reality that interacts with the real-life elements but does not change reality like VR.

Software ideas for 2020 #2: Healthcare software:

An app that is not related to luxury. It is a need and people of all age groups are depending on healthcare apps in contemporary times. There are a number of healthcare apps ideas among which you can choose.

From an app that calculates the heartbeat, steps walked and sleep taken to the apps that allow patients to consult with doctors while sitting at home, every healthcare app can be made a success if executed appropriately.

Software ideas for 2020 #3: Food-ordering/ restaurant reservation software


Do you know according to statistics, more than half of people prefer to go out and eat instead of purchasing a new item? Experiences are more valued in today’s generation.

Food-ordering apps like Uber Eats are getting great revenues every day. There are multiple ways through which you can earn through these apps. These include advertising, share from restaurants on every order, etc.

Software ideas for 2020 #4: Audio/image to text conversion software

It requires machine learning algorithms to do this task. In the era, where searches are increasingly dependent on voice search, such app ideas are great. You need to get an app developed which is capable of such conversion between audio and text with the help of predetermined formulae and algorithms.

Software ideas for 2020 #5: An e-learning software: An e-booking software

How many times have you booked a ticket/hotel or restaurant table through an app? I think plenty of times especially if we talk about e-ticketing. This again is an app of necessity above luxury. This eases the life of people by many folds.


Restaurant table booking apps like OpenTable are doing great in terms of both the popularity and revenue generation. Developing an app like this and attracting their audience is not impossible if you have the right app developers in your approach.

After reading about these top software ideas, you must be looking for ways to work on one of them. In order to change your vision into reality, you can contact an IT consulting company. The consultants working with them will be able to advise according to the requirements.

Choosing an appropriate software development company from a plethora of companies is not an easy task. Not all renowned companies are right for your project.

Here is the list of 5 software development companies based on their ratings, portfolio and establishment:

Rank 1: PixelCrayons: An award-winning custom software development company


This company has software developers with an average of 5 years of experience with expertise in all major domains, from healthcare to education. They have successfully delivered software projects to over 1400 clients.

The client retention rate of 97% validates their credibility. All the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, AR/VR, IoT, chatbots, etc are all included in their services list. The team at Pixelcrayons is serving a clientele of various industrial domains from all over the world.

They provide complete security by signing a strict NDA and a 100% money-back guarantee in case clients are not satisfied. The 14 years of experience in the industry makes them perfect to get a free consultation before starting with a new IT project.

Rank 2: Mutual Mobile: Well-known for converting imagination to reality


Mutual Mobile is known for the most efficient business strategists. They possess the capability to align their efforts with your goals which in turn allows them to follow the work practices which are best in the industry.

The services offered by this organization have the capacity to blur the lines between the physical and digital worlds. Since its foundation, they are known for offering over-the-top software development solutions.

Rank 3: Quytech: They have 150+ successfully delivered projects in their bucket


From enterprises to startups, this company has served them all. The major point of attraction about this company is its supreme level of software development project ideas. Sp, you can contact them if you are finding it tough to find an apt idea.

It was founded in 2010 and since then there has been no looking back for their team. This constant growth has allowed them to spread wings across all domains and latest technologies like AI, AR, VR, IoT, blockchain, etc.

Rank 4: Appinventiv: Treats the idea as the most important parameter while accepting projects.


Appinventiv has an established global name in the IT industry with its physical presence in continents like UK, USA, Dubai, and India. It has a team of strategists, designers, and testers which consists of 250+ members.

Their services are well-appreciated by their clients. Moreover, they are known for creative ideas and innovative approaches in the industry. Since its establishment, it has grown to a new level from where it provides supreme support to its clients.

Rank 5: ValueCoders: A well-known software development company with over 14 years of experience


This company is providing its services to all domains of industries with the latest technologies like AR, AI, IoT, blockchain, etc. Since its inception in 2004, it has shown remarkable growth.

There is a team of 500+ dexterous professionals in the team of Valuecoders that includes testers, developers, QAs, and designers. When we talk about their service charges, they are quite low but the quality of work is of supreme level.

Final words:

After reading about the top software ideas and software development companies, I hope that you are clear about what you need to set your startup in the IT industry. Making your software project success is not only about software developers but it also requires a creative mind.

Hence, make sure you select a partner who has years of experience in your domain. Never run behind a renowned IT consulting company rather join hands with the right company according to your specific requirements.
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