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The disinfection gateway with temperature meter and antiseptic

Original author: Ruslan Mazur
Hello! First of all, thanks for the warm reviews and interesting comments on my first post about the alarm system for the "Zaporozhets". This is very motivating to continue to share with my work.
This time I want to tell you about the design of the disinfection gateway, which I had to do in just two nights.

I work as an industrial designer at Tabula Sense Company and design furniture with the integrated electronics most of the time. However, considering everything that is happening, our management thought about how to connect the available resources to the fight against the pandemic.

As a result, we rested on the disinfection gateway. Similar devices are already used in China, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Here's what it looks like:

My task was to think through and visualize a prefabricated construct, with a temperature meter and a fogging system, in the shortest possible time.

I laid the frame out of a metal profile, collapsible, so that it could be transported from place to place, and when it is all over, store in case of the next apocalypse. The covering is by the banner with the grommets (metal rings in the banner fabric). Thanks to them, the banner is easy to attach with the ordinary plastic ties. It's fast and does not require special skills.

Inside, there is a high pressure pipeline with up to 30 fogging nozzles which can be connected. The fog leaves no marks on clothes, while completely enveloping the incoming person and destroys the virus even in hard-to-reach folds of clothing and protects for some time after the exit.

As a solution, sodium hypochlorite is used in a concentration not exceeding GOST.

Before entering, a screen with a remote temperature meter will be installed. Since the gateway must be completely non-contact, a screen is provided at the entrance for positioning the visitor’s head opposite the detector. The temperature is displayed on the same screen. If it is fixed more than 37.5 degrees, the entire internal part of the gateway lights up in red and the terminal emits a warning signal.

Under the screen is a dispenser with an antiseptic for hands. Of course, it's also with a sensor for contactless spraying.

Inside the gateway, I added RGB backlighting to indicate the status. For example: green — free, yellow – in processing, red — an increased temperature is recorded or it is time to leave the gateway. In diffuse fog, the backlight should look spectacular.

Also a small rebranding of our logo according to the situation.

A plastic tank for 500 liters of solution and a pump for the high-pressure pipe system will be located on the side of the gateway. The technical department says the solution should be enough for 8 work hours. Since the flow rate is approximately 1.5 liters, it is planned to install a motion sensor above the entrance in order to save an antiseptic.

Separate elements like a screen or a dispenser may look different as a result, without compromising on functionality.

Now our production is collecting a prototype and plans to publish the project documentation as soon as ready so that similar gateways can be built by the other productions across the country. Well, my work on this task is finished and I hasten to share with you.

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