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Best .Net Development Tools in 2020

.Net is indeed an important application development platform as it is secure, robust and quite easy to learn and implement. Developers are widely using the .Net framework to build web applications and even modernizing the legacy programming based applications into .Net based ones. .Net developers also use many 3rd party tools to carry out the development work. These tools have proven to provide the best support while the development goes on.

Here are some of the top useful tools being used by many offshore .net development teams, .net developers, individual .net programmers, etc.

1. Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio by Microsoft is an integrated development environment that supports various languages like C/C++, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual J#, and Visual C #, Python, Ruby, XML/XSLT, HTML/XHTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It also includes a code editor and a debugger (download). Other built-in tools that make this environment a complete solution are code profiler, designer for building GUI applications, web designer, class designer and database schema designer.

2. Resharper

Another tool to provide a perfect environment for safe and secure development of .Net applications is ReSharper (download). It’s being updated regularly and created with new highlights. it’s an extension for Visual Studio. ReSharper is chosen by the programmers because it has in built features like that of code analysis which consequently correct your code when it sees “code smells”, and style guideline violations.

3. Bytescout

Bytescout is one of the widely used platforms which has multi-tools, helpful for .net developers. They can easily create PDF with rich text and images using this tool. Various functionalities of Bytescout generated PDF include: removing pictures, separating meta information, converting pdf to exceed expectations, splitting PDF archives, etc.

With ByteScout PDF SDK (learn more), users can create PDF files in C# or VB.NET. The report can also be generated in variety of other formats, including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and CCITT Fax etc. Security options with 40-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit encryption are available. Users can easily set the security settings as per their requirements.

4. Nuget

Nuget is used by .Net developers to share a particular code with any selective community, organization or workgroup. It is free and open source. The package (download) can also be used as the simplest technique to divide your own code to be used in various projects. It is available as a Visual Studio Extension by default and has evolved with time. The current version has in built tools and services which were not there in earlier versions. As an extension it has helped many .net and VB developers to define various packages.

5. LinQPad

LinQPad is used to test your LINQ queries or any C#/F#/Visual Basic program. The tool has built-in debugger and autocomplete features, and is a perfect platform for prototyping with instant feedback. In simple words LINQPad is like Notepad for LINQ. It is essentially used to experiment the code tool for experimenting with LINQ and testing code snippets before they are introduced into your code. (download)

6. Visual Studio Gallery

To get quick access to Visual Studio extensions, controls, and templates., Visual studio gallery is very essential. It helps to integrate with the IDE allowing you to access over 7,000 products currently available. (get extension)

7. Chocolaty

Chocolaty is also a Windows package manager and is continuously growing to become one of the desirable platforms. The important thing about this tool is that it works with all the current programming establishment innovations, like, NSIS, MSI, and InnoSetup alongside runtime binaries and zip archives. In spite of the fact that few out of every odd developer inclines toward working with MSI database documents utilized by Windows Installer, it is exceedingly suggested for installation on Windows. Chocolatey has advanced PowerShell to give automated software management guidance and in-manufactured module to finish complex undertaking immediately (download). Many asp.net development companies utilize Chocolaty for making and facilitating their packages to make them more reliable.

8. NCrunch

NCrunch is a tool which helps developers to run and test their code as they compose it. It is a simultaneous code testing tool that enables developers to set up quality measurements while composing the code. The tool gives vital data about the tested code so developers can improve the quality at the same time. NCrunch is being used by the .net development teams because of its intelligent test execution and inline exemption details. (download)

9. Ionide

Ionide is a Visual Studio Code package suite which comes with some extra tools for cross-platform F# Development. Ionide is mainly used to make current, creative, rich editing available to everybody, regardless of the type of operating system. Ionide, one of the most noteworthy evaluated modules in Visual Studio Code commercial center, is long-standing, develop project with more than 1 million downloads. It also brings rich editor experience, known from Visual Studio to VS Code changing it into completely fledged F# IDE. It’s utilized by enthusiasts and expert developers alike, pushing everybody to as gainful as conceivable consistently.


There are many other tools used for .Net application Development projects. These tools mentioned above are a few of them. Depending upon the quality of the tools and the business requirement, you can use the best .NET Development Tools available in the market today. The only things to keep in mind is that each of the tool you use must encourage you to complete the task on time
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