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Y messenger Manifesto

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Y messenger - decentralized end-2-end encrypted messenger

We are a team of independent developers. We have created a new messenger, the purpose of which is to solve the critical problems of the modern Internet and the modes of communication it provides. We see users become hostages to the services they have grown accustomed to and we see corporations exploiting their users and controlling them. And we don’t like it. We believe the Internet should be different.
In this Manifesto, we disclose our vision of the Internet and describe what we have done to make it better. If you share our ideas — join us. Together we can achieve more than each of us can alone.

Problems of the Modern Internet


A significant part of popular Internet resources, and, therefore, their users, have fallen under the control of a small number of corporations and individuals who use this power to further their own selfish goals. The deep integration of essentially independent services into one hyper system puts the user, their rights, and their freedoms at risk.

Data control

Many resources consider any user content to be the resource’s property. We strongly disagree with this position. A resource’s administrative team does not have the right to appropriate rights to any content posted or created by users, nor does it have the right to use this content or pass it on to third parties without the consent of the content’s creator. Any information that belongs to a user is that user’s capital and cannot be expropriated. The user must be able to receive or delete all information about themselves on demand.

Censorship and access to information

No one has the right to decide what information can be accessed, and what cannot. For many years, freedom of thought and speech has been moving humanity forward, allowing us all to be able to look at any type of situation from different points of view. Under the guise of technological progress and increased convenience, various services are starting to decide what information will and won’t be shown to a user for them. We believe that this behavior is unacceptable. The user should have the right to access the information that they wish to access, irrespective of the opinions of a resource’s administrative team.


Any activity has its own rules, standards, and traditions, but their implementation is only possible if the participants of that activity understand these rules and agree to them. Different countries have different laws. What is forbidden in one country may be allowed in another. And while one of the fundamental human freedoms, the freedom of movement, is universally recognized, the freedom of digital movement is not. We believe that the freedom of digital movement must also be recognized. Each user must be able to independently decide which digital legal space they are currently located in. Limiting this choice or enforcing the use of a particular legal environment is unacceptable.

Y Messenger's Operating Principles


The decentralization of the system in the form known as federalization provides users with freedom of choice. Federalization is the golden mean between freedom of use and ease of operation.


Each of the nodes in the decentralized network is under the same conditions as the others. There are no subjective criteria by which certain nodes would receive any privileges that would distinguish them from other nodes.

Distributed data storage on the blockchain

For a decentralized network to function, storage for a distributed data registry is needed. Storing data on the blockchain is a reliable form of data storage, even in conditions of unstable data exchanges. Encryption and digital signature systems help to ensure data integrity and availability. Since the blockchain places high demands on the performance level of the hardware and has its drawbacks, we use this storage repository responsibly, only sending to it the information that truly requires such a storage solution.

Y Messenger Development Programme

  1. The development of a decentralized messenger which supports the sending of text messages and files, including end-to-end encrypted ones.
  2. A public release of the MVP.
  3. The development and implementation of an internal routing and self-balancing system.
  4. The development of data streaming functionality (audio and video calls, live broadcasts).
  5. The development of a system of internal services (which makes it possible to share and run websites and applications created by third-party developers).
  6. The development program is subject to change as we continue working on the system.

Y Messenger Monetization Programme

Our development team consists of professional developers only. We need to make money to continue working on the product.

  1. Personal funds invested by the creators.
  2. The launch of voluntary donations.
  3. The launch of an optional service involving the deployment of a user's server.
  4. The launch of a server licensing system which uses the SaaS model (several dollars per month).
  5. The launch of additional monetization tools.
  6. The monetization program is subject to change as we continue working on the system.
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