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Top 10 RPA Service Providers to Automate your Business Processes

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Adaptive service providers in Robotic Process Automation or RPA implementation domains are finding solutions to fill emerging service gaps in industries impacted by changes across the world at the macro-level. Traditionally, RPA is used extensively in manufacturing-intensive industries and healthcare industries. However, the newer world dynamics are driving immense adaptation and RPA use is evolving at a faster pace in services delivery as well.

Mainly business functions like outsourcing, financial services and insurance, banking, procurement outsourcing, Human Resources Outsourcing which used RPA in a limited way are being further adapted to drive exponential growth in RPA services verticals by service providers with a vision to build newer paradigms for Automated services. RPA service providers India are setting new trends, as they develop customized solutions for every industry player.

Analysts estimate that the Global Robotic Process Automation Market is poised to grow to $7.2 billion by 2025 at 32.6% CAGR (Research and Markets Report, 2020). Growth of CAGR for RPA in India is at 20% by 2025.

In the newer world framework, organizations need to make strategic decisions and consciously adopt higher technology platforms like RPA for higher efficiency, performance and cost effective ROI. For local businesses, finding the best RPA service providers is a game changer.

As the demand for robotic process automation increases market participants include Uipath, Automation Anywhere and Blue prism.

Here are some of the top globally trusted RPA service providers:


CONTUS is a technology service provider dominating RPA implementation services. The focus of its RPA services are focused on increasing performance and productivity using automation techniques for accuracy, consistency, process flexibility, on-demand scalability and improved turnaround time, resulting in cost savings of 25 to 50%. RPA services by CONTUS are highly rewarding especially in tasks that need high precision work and are repetitive in nature. They are partnered with leading RPA tools Automation Anywhere and UiPath.

CONTUS provides best-in-class RPA services:

  1. Bot Development and Support
  2. RPA Assessments, RPA Strategy, PoC and CoE Setup
  3. RPA Consulting and implementation services
  4. Tailor-Made RPA Solutions
  5. Attended and Unattended Automation

2. Capgemini

Capgemini is one of the biggest service providers in the RPA spectrum, given its innate spectrum of businesses; Capgemini optimizes key business processes using RPA. Products, solutions and services by Capgemini are widely used in account opening as well as closing, proposal requests or completing quotation as well as IT infrastructure testing, queries handling in billing and customer services for huge market demand in business verticals. In the process, organizations can reconsider their workforce use case when employees are reassigned to work on specialized tasks and decision making tasks.

  1. Efficiency building using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Automation of high volume tasks workflow
  3. Back Office systems automation
  4. Unattended Automation
  5. Standalone RPA Implementation services

3. Accenture

Accenture Is the popular IT services brand name behind a disruptive RPA provider called Automation Anywhere, ranked high among Robotic process automation service providers. RPA by Automation Anywhere is a technology platform which has provided the next level of enabling services through automated software which is set to have a bigger impact on several industries.

  1. CoE setup, Production
  2. Automated Design, Automated support
  3. RPA Strategy, Assessments, PoC, Implementation
  4. End-to-end RPA solutions

4. IBM

IBM is the leading Robotic Process Automation services company and has been building RPA solutions and services aimed at providing high value productivity from routine tasks. Automation is a cost effective and quick manner, which IBM has been delivering with its partners ensuring acceleration of time to value. Since 2017, IBM has been using Automation Anywhere to enterprises for stronger business model and lowering human errors and increasing throughput with the RPA services it provides.

  1. Quick integration processes
  2. Supports Decision automation
  3. Expands automation program
  4. Scaling customized for businesses
  5. Backed by proprietary cloud program

5. Deloitte

Deloitte is the multi industry player and has been engaging in automation of services with its RPA approach. Deloitte’s automation strategy includes business continuity by automatic notification of assets, considering processes as well as risks for issues which are to be used as resources effectively. The tools by Deloitte ensures businesses improve efficiency as well as effectiveness in order to be faster and RPA helps in digitizing business for robotic process using computer coding, rules-bound software robots, bots for human tasks.

  1. Accuracy and consistency
  2. Manual, repetitive transaction processing
  3. Fragmented systems for information gathering
  4. Data entry dependencies, report generation, data manipulation

6. Symphony ventures

The RPA services by Symphony ventures offer a range of software solutions which power digital labor revolution. It allows IT applications and websites to transact to typically turnaround, automate complex issues at work, which are essentially rule-based work. The capability of this key player in the RPA industry is developing the suite of software which has virtual infrastructure, the methodology supporting.

  1. Proof of concept
  2. Managing end-to-end processes
  3. Integrating company application and systems
  4. RPA development services

7. Infosys

Advanced robotic autonomous solutions are built for competencies in the industry 4.0 platforms and supports cloud computing, cyber machine human interfaces for comprehensive services which improve efficiency and amplifies business value for driving digital transformation with intelligent robotic processes. The major focus of Infosys RPA development services has been agility based efforts which support own intelligence and support efficiency, enhance and amplify business value.

  1. Acceleration/scaling implementation
  2. Product agnostic service model which is managed
  3. Continuous process improvement
  4. RPA for AI-based automation

8. Cognizant

Cognizant has been making RPA a key success for rule-based manual processes and full automation, supports leaders in the financial industry with its The Forrester Wave RPA for service providers to be efficient, and termed cognitive RPA. The platform uses different formats of Artificial Intelligence including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), machine learning and Text analytics for workforce integration and customer integration. TriZetto’s platform for the healthcare process is Cognizant’s versatile automation platform that uses seeds for building automation capabilities for key verticals such as financial and banking services.

  1. Offers Robots as as service solution
  2. Predominantly banking and financial services domain
  3. Develop inefficient mortgage servicing processes
  4. Healthcare automation platform

9. Tech Mahindra

RPA platforms are built using proprietary technologies, including TACTiX based on UiPath’s RPA technology and uses AIOps platform which is one of the top RPA solution providers. The advantages deployed by software tools include cloning human action for precision and ensuring reliability with service requests

  1. End-to-end Automation at service desks
  2. Handling users’ service requests with problem resolution
  3. RPA consulting services
  4. AIops platform

10. Genpact

RPA is built for evolving business processes and focuses on automation strategy which leverage RPA tools and automate rule-based work, supporting automated repetitive task support for ERP ensuring flexibility in navigation of transformative digital practices. It is also seen as Genpact’s oldest and first RPA partner with wide range of services.

  1. Engages in databases and workflows
  2. Digital Workforce Governance
  3. Healthcare RPA solutions
  4. Process flexibility

Bottom line:

The realms of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is expected to evolve at one stage into Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) powered by ‘smart technologies’ which combine machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Learning Processing and Understanding, Cognitive Computing with Smart workflow, in order to gain the ability to make judgements as well as provide feedback.

Since businesses in the current environment have to adopt faster deployment, scaling, and execution, robotic process automation is a highly recommended strategic objective in a dynamic digital environment, RPA solution providers are offering a wide range of solutions which help deliver industry needs. Given the advantages of using Robotic Process Automation, finding appropriate industry RPA services is a necessity.

Considering Robotic Process Automation is an advanced-level platform that offers unique technology-based services that add value to traditional business processes, the above are a shortlist of Top RPA service providers in the industry. In fact for every industry need, healthcare, accountancy, banking, manufacturing, IoT networks, nearly every process change is being met by RPA service providers. RPA service offerings not only bring in added efficiency but catapult the entire services range to a higher business value.
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