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All About Google App Engine (GAE): Features & Business Uses

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If I talk about Google then we all know that it provides an enormous range of tools, products, and services. In the running market, Google has scored high percentile and left a footprint in the list of world’s top 4 companies. Many creations of Google are widely used all over the world and the best example of this is Goole Search Engine.

What Is Google App Engine?

By the name, we can recognize that Google has created a Google App Engine, the name is similar to a search engine but its purpose is different. App Engine is a service and cloud computing platform employed for developing and hosting web applications.

The platform supports Go, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, .NET, and Ruby applications and apart from this it also supports other programming languages through custom runtimes. The App Engine serves 350 plus Billion requests per day.

Global Google Cloud Revenue

Source: Statista

It is a PaaS (platform-as-a-service) Cloud computing platform that is entirely managed and utilizes in-built services to drive the apps. Once after downloading the SDK you can instantly start the development process but for this, it is mandatory to have technical knowledge. If you don’t know the technical terms then there is no need to take tension as there are many IT industries in the market that are providing Google App Engine Development Services.

Some Prominent Features of Google App Engine

Features just act like icing on the cake as without it any tool, products, or other platforms is just incomplete. So now let's read some outstanding features of App Engine.

Runtimes & Languages

One can use various programming languages such as Go, Java, PHP, or Python to write an app engine application. By using SDK holding tools you can locally write, develop, and test an app. Each and every programming language has its own runtime and SDK and by utilizing the matching one you can develop an application easily. The code is executed in a:

1. Python 2.7 environment by Python runtime
2. Java 7 environment by Java runtime
3. PHP 5.4 environment by PHP runtime
4. Go 1.2 environment by Go runtime, and so on

Ordinarily Accessible Features

In this feature usually used development factors are available such as data storage, retrieval & search; process management; communications; computation; management; and app configuration.

Data storage, retrieval, and search — It includes the HRD migration tool, Google Cloud SQL, logs, datastore, dedicated Memcache, blob store, Memcache, and search features.

Source: Google

Communications — It includes XMPP. channel, URL fetch, mail, and Google Cloud Endpoints features.

Process management — It includes scheduled tasks and task queue factors.

Computation — It includes images.

App management and configuration — This covers app identity, users, capabilities, traffic splitting, modules, SSL for custom domains, modules, remote access, and multitenancy parameters.

Multi-Task Manager

Google App Engine manages multiple tasks to provide the best result and it includes sockets, MapReduce, and Google Cloud Storage Client Library, etc. In future these all features are expected to be enhanced by Google as this will make the development and Google Cloud Services easier.

Fidelity and Support

Most of the App Engine applications that are billed have a 99.95% uptime SLA. This platform is designed in such a way that it can support various data center outages without any downtime, in the past years 0% downtime was examined. This platform offers free support in Stack Overflow, App Engine Groups, GitHub, and Server Fault.

Bulk Downloading & Back-Up

Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.2.2 version allows you to download bulk data by using Python technology. The distinct Python’s open-source projects such as gaebar, approcket, and gawsh entitles users to download & back up the App Engine data.

How Google App Engine Can Boost Your Business Growth?

Google App Engine can act as a booster dose for your business and can grow your business up to the next level. Let's read some advantages of Google App Engine.

Source: Google

Security Framework

We all know that Google provides tremendous security features in its products, services and tools. It is really hard to break the security norms available in the Google App Engine.

In 100 peoples there may be 2 peoples who have faced the issues related to security otherwise, all apps available on this platform are totally secured and are available to worldwide users all the time. Google has numerous global servers which makes your application accessible 24*7.

Faster Reach To Market

It is really important to reach the market and users quickly and this can be only possible when the app will be released in correct and quick time. Development, maintenance, and testing phases play a vital role to develop an app quickly and this is only possible with Google cloud app Engine. This platform help Software outsourcing firm developers to quickly develop — 1. Featured and leading application.
2. Backend app in a PaaS environment
3. Flexible data storage, NoSQL style storage, or Google Cloud SQL for database support.

Faster Development Rate

By wasting no time in purchasing products or hardware you are allowed to develop a full-fledged application in a single platform. This will help your business to develop the application in a short time frame and will also allow you to increase customer engagement.

Simple to Manage

GAE consolidates the tools that you necessitate to develop, test, launch, and update the applications. The developers can design the applications on this platform in a very simple manner but for that, you have to choose the best IT industry to Hire Indian developers.

Leading Collection of APIs

Google App Engine (GAE) has numerous integral APIs and other services that offer the business an opportunity to develop robust and high featured apps. The rich API’s features include:

1. Blobstore, serve large data recipients
2. Access to the application log
3. Google Cloud Storage
4. Page Speed Services
5. SSL Support
6. File API, Memcache API, XMP API, Channel API, URL Fetch & User API
7. Google Cloud Endpoint, for mobile application


In order to build the leading apps, it is really mandatory to use advanced technologies. The Google app uses GFS, Big Table and additional such technologies to develop the leading app and these all features are also made available in the Google App Engine.

This platform provides automatic scaling features that only not save your time but also save the development cost. GAE is made available to the developers and it also allows developers to make changes in the applications as per the requirement and demand. This also helps businesses to improve an application as per the market and product need.

Platform Sovereignty

In this app engine, there are not numerous dependencies, this will help you to easily move your all data to another environment.

Cost Saving

You just don’t have to invest any money in development and other service processes as this platform includes multiple services that can help you to develop full-fledged applications. In this way, you can save your money and can invest it in another important business task.

Who Utilized GAE?

Source: stackshare

Best to run on App Engine

There are few things that best suits for a specific thing same like this Google App Engine also have few best things that best match with it that are:

1. Mobile Backends
2. Web Applications
3. Internal IT Apps
4. FrontEnd and Backend Workload
5. IoT

Avoid running the following things of Google App Engine (GAE):

1. Media Rendering
2. Stateful storage
3. Financial Data Analytics
4. Genomics
5. VM images


App Engine applications are simple to develop, maintain, and also helps to scale your traffic and data storage needs. In this blog all the details related to Google App Engine (GAE) is mentioned, this will help you in knowing about the same and will also benefit your organization in analyzing the use of GAE as per the market need. If you want more detail related to data storage and app development then just feel free to consult Google App Engine Development Services.
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