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Hire PHP Developers: Cost & Procedure


PHP has surely become the most ubiquitous language for the world today. Being around for a while, PHP is ruling the market, with expectations to dominate for years to come. Therefore, irrespective of the size of a business, PHP remains the first choice to get a sturdy and customizable website created.

However, It is important to understand that PHP is an art (Scripting language), you need to hire an artist (developer) to yield the best from it.

Choosing the best from the pool of more than 5 million PHP developers is a tedious task. Even more when you’re a noob into this industry. Apart from language skills, there are multiple other factors, such as budget, skills, experience that influence the decision to hire a particular remote PHP team.

Chances are high that while looking for your answers to PHP development, you stumbled upon this blog. Okay! You’re in the right place. Here I will be answering all your questions as What is PHP development? Who is a PHP developer? How to differentiate between a good PHP developer? Why India is most opted to hire remote PHP Developer? Tips To Conduct Research to Hire Best PHP Developer.

Let us understand the basics first:

What is PHP Development?

PHP is a scripting language used to create static and dynamic websites. PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. It earlier stood for Personal Home Pages.

Who is a PHP developer?

A PHP developer is a web developer, who writes code, tests, and maintains it for the web pages and applications using the PHP scripting language.

How to differentiate between a good & any other PHP developer?

When looking to hire PHP developers it is important to know how a good PHP developer is different from any ordinary PHP developer. Remember, he is an artist who will create a unique product for you. Therefore, a worthy PHP developer will be the one who will go beyond coding, testing, and maintaining. He will work as your guide to strategize and implement your idea into a real product that is viable and comes with the best UI/UX. Therefore, it will require someone with good analytical knowledge and an attitude towards problem-solving.

The PHP developers you’re looking forward to hiring should have the knowledge and hands-on experience on several frameworks of PHP such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Joomla, CakePHP, etc.

Listed down below are a few skills every great PHP developer has:

  • Pro knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • In-depth understanding of Javascript
  • Knowledge of the programming language- PHP
  • Working experience with SQL/MySQL
  • Experience with CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal


Why is India preferred to hire remote PHP developers from?

#1. A combination of International Talent and knowledge:

As many as two-thirds of the companies across the globe are outsourcing their development needs to India. Not because of cost-effective developments but India has the most talented developers and engineers to offer. Most of the dedicated PHP developers from India are either B.Tech or BCA graduates, offering skills and knowledge packed together. Most of this lot is even postgraduate.

#2. Budget-friendly & Dedicated Remote PHP Developers:

A project nearly costs around $70000 to $180000 approx in the USA. But the same project, when outsourced in India, costs lesser than half the entire amount, thus the demand of PHP development companies in India. With the dollar to rupees conversion, it is cheaper to hire highly skilled developers from India at a low cost. Also, it saves you from the hassle of added costs of hiring in-house developers such as infrastructure.

#3. More Time Saving:

While this would not top the charts of consideration for you initially, but Time holds enough importance to emphasize on in a project. The remote PHP team from India will be working in a completely different time zone. This means they will be ideally working when you will be asleep ( as per your time zone). This is helpful because the review and task management can happen simultaneously and more efficiently. If chosen consciously, different time zones can actually become your strength.


Pro Guide To Hire The Right Dedicated PHP Developers

Even if you do not have the most appropriate knowledge to judge skills, you still do not have to get carried away with someone’s partial knowledge. Here is your complete guide to hiring remote PHP developers by asking the most appropriate questions.

#1. Do not ask cliche questions, be more technical

Before taking up the round of interviews, you’ve obviously done your complete research about PHP and your needs. Now create a list of all the questions you want to ask, such as-

What are the different errors in PHP?
How is a cookie different from a session PHP?
How are include, require, include once and require once different from each other?
What are different constructors and destructors in PHP?

#2. Get to know more about their experience form their past projects

While choosing a single developer or remote PHP Team, it is important to know more about their experiences with their past projects. Talk to them about their past projects, obstacles, milestones, samples, and more to gather deep insights about them.
Save yourself from the major hassles later by looking into their work profiles deeply right now.

#3. Evaluate attitude towards new learnings

The world is updating at a rapid pace. To associate with a developer who will be managing your business’s most important aspect should be up to date too. Ask a few more questions as to how they keep themselves updated? What is the new thing they’ve learned recently? And more.

#4. Emphasize on communication skills

When hiring remote PHP developers, the topmost priority is obviously the best knowledge, but you cannot certainly overlook communications. This is because while working from a distance written and verbal communications are the only source of explanation. If you and the developer, both, can understand each other well, chances are highest to produce the most desirable product. Therefore, treat communications as one of the core factors while choosing the right fit for your business.
On many occasions, you will have to bring your developer in communication with the leaders and management to explain the project and success. If only a PHP developer will be able to communicate, he can explain the projects to the ones who do not know much about it. A failure in communication can act as a major set back here.

Also, evaluate their friendliness with all the latest communication tools because your major medium to communicate will be e-mailed, skype, video calls, or phone.

#5. Evaluate Attitude

A positive attitude is a key to forever learning. Talk to your HR and they will emphasize how important is attitude. You may find a developer who might be critically acclaimed with projects and exceptionally well in their skills but lacks interpersonal skills or taking feedback from management. This will make it difficult to interact and work together. Because remember healthy communication is critical in remote working.


Remember, it is in your best interest to clarify all your doubts at this very stage to avoid any conflicts later on. Finally when you’ve made up your mind to hire PHP developer in India, draft a legal contract describing in detail the cost break up, project break up, milestones, non-disclosure, terms, and conditions to avoid any conflicts later on.
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