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How to Develop Dating Mobile App like Tinder?

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During the COVID 19 pandemic, majorly single people are getting bored the most by sitting at home and just doing work from home; that's why they are searching for the alternatives to be busy and entertained.

This is the main reason why dating apps like tinder usage is increasing day by day. 

Do You Know?

  • As of today, Tinder is the number one dating app globally favored by adults. 

  • In May 2020, Tinder was the most popular dating app on Google Play Store, with 3.24M global monthly downloads.

Along with searching for alternatives, people nowadays also following the words of Indian Prime Minister (Narendra Modi), i.e., Vocal for Local. Due to this, people are preferring using Indian mobile apps. 

If you are running a startup, SMEs, and larger enterprises in India, this is the best time to grow your business by building a mobile app like Tinder, Tiktok; for this, you can also choose a top mobile app development company to Hire mobile app programmers.

Why is Tinder App so Popular & How Can I build Knock Off of it?

Tinder app is a user and mobile-friendly app; its amazing features and functionalities basically attract the users; that's why it became so famous worldwide. Well, not only this but its UI/UX designs are also so unique and engaging that it can fascinate others to make use of it. 

Let's move further and focus on building mobile apps like Tinder. To create unique and popular dating apps, you should first focus on market demands, current trending features, and functionalities. 

We all know that Tinder is the most popular app, and making its copy may be simple but making it successful as Tinder can be a challenging task. This thing can also be made simple, but for that, you have to follow innovative steps. 

Steps to Build App like Tinder

The innovative steps which are mentioned below will help you produce a mobile app like Tinder. 

Step 1:  Examine Market Need

In order to make a dating app like Tinder first, you should understand what the current demand of the market is, and this can only be examined by analyzing the market needs. To analyze the market, you should consider the following points.

  • Determine the purpose of building a mobile app

  • View at your industry's outlook

  • Mart the target audience

  • Examine your competition

  • Find additional data

  • Put your report into action

On analyzing the stated pointers, you will be able to examine the entire market need, which will help you build a user-friendly mobile app like Tinder.

Step 2: Pick the app module which suits your business

If you are looking forward to building an innovative mobile app for your business, it is crucial to pick the app module as per the business need.

Let's take an example; we are building a dating app like Tinder, and we are focusing on building a mobile compatible app. Here we will make sure that our dating app must include essential segments like login/registration panel (main screen), home pages, sub-pages (various feature related pages), subscription page, customer care or help center page, etc.

Not only this, but you should also choose a module that can support multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Picking the simplistic app module will support you in developing a mobile-friendly app like Tinder.

Step 3: Choose Trending & Must-Have Tinder Features

After working on the app module, you should select the trending features for your mobile app like Tinder. You can also choose modern technologies (AI, ML, and chatbots) to offer a unique appearance to the app features.

You should focus on adding useful features that can be easily used by the users. Apart from this, I will suggest you also add the popular features of other trending dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Facebook Dating, Grindr.

After focusing on trending needs and popular features, it's time to concentrate on Tinder features. If you are building a mobile app like Tinder; it is crucial to introduce Tinder's latest features like - User Profile, Geolocation, Search, and functionality based on filters, Swipe, Match, Chat, and Push Notifications, etc. 

Step 4: Select Mobile App Design (UI/UX)

If the design of a mobile app is not engaging, it will attract fewer users; that's why it is crucial to focus on UI/UX design. Choosing appealing design and color can make your mobile app attractive, and this will help you increase traffic on your mobile app like Tinder. Choosing a mobile app design will help you explain the design look to the developers.

74% of users are likely to come back to your site if it has excellent and engaging mobile UX.

Step 5:  Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Once after choosing the mobile app design, search for trustworthy and top mobile app development companies to hire mobile app developers. This will help you build a popular mobile app like Tinder. 

Now you must be thinking why I am asking to hire developers?

Hiring the developers will make you tension free and help you determine the best cross-platform and technology to build a leading dating app like Tinder. The skilled developers who have good hands-on building the mobile app have excellent knowledge of cross-platform and technologies. 

Starting with building the mobile app to launching the app on the app store, developers manage the entire development process; this mainly results in faster delivery. 

While researching about the mobile app, I found that for mobile app development, Flutter, Java, Swift, and React Native technologies are the best; that's why most of the developers prefer to use these advanced technologies.

Additionally, I will suggest you, along with building a mobile app like Tinder, also focus on digital marketing activities like SEO, SEM, SMM, and more to make your app popular like Tinder. 

Must-Have Features For Mobile App Like Tinder

Below mentioned features are included in the Tinder app, and these features you should also include in your mobile app like Tinder.

  1. Login via Social networking app: This feature allows you to log in to the app using Facebook, Google, and more. By using these features, you don't need to enter your personal information again on the app.

  2. Geolocation: In the Tinder app, users use the location option to view nearby connections, which became possible because of geolocation. 

  3. Matching algorithm: This app holds the matching algorithm feature that allows you to match your similarities with your partner and, as per that search result, reflect on the app.

  4. Swipe Surge: This feature allows you to swipe right for viewing other user profiles. On the Tinder app, this feature increases the user match-making potential by 250%.

  5. Find matches. Users can set interests, age, gender, etc. as exploration criteria. Then, the app creates a match of users who like each other's profiles.

  6. Profile setting. This allows users to set their profiles to create it more trustworthy and engaging.

  7. Push notification: This feature sends a user push notification when the app algorithm finds a suitable match.

  8. Private chat: This option allows the user to chat with the connections. On this, you can also send files, images, and more.

Wrapping Up

An excellent mobile app can boost business productivity up to a much extent; the innovative measures stated here will encourage you to build an advanced mobile app like Tinder. But for that, you have to frame ideas accordingly.

If you are pondering to create a dating mobile app like Tinder, I will advise you to hire mobile app developers from an identified and top mobile app development company. This will encourage you to design a fantastic app and reach your business goals.

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