Top 5 Best Secure Video Streaming Platforms of 2021

    In this modern era of technological advancements, it is important to connect with people who matter the most to your business i.e. customers. Are you searching for a secure online video platform for your business?

    Do you know what is secure streaming!

    Well, various online video platforms can help you in providing seamless videos to your customers. But what we need is a secure online video platform that can also protect our digital content from various e-hazards. Read on to know more about some of the most secure online video platforms in the market.

    What is Secure Online Video Platform?

     An Online Video Platform (OVP) enables users to upload videos that can be accessed by users via the internet. An OVP that provides a secure video hosting service is termed as a Secure OVP. You can upload relating to your business in a structured manner via OVPs that will also generate revenues. OVP can help us in providing streaming services to our viewers via short or lengthy videos.

     Broadcasters can use the video hosting service provided by a secure OVP to upload videos on the dedicated server. You can make your videos available in various geographical areas via a secure OVP while securing your digital content. Let us see some of the best security features to look out while choosing an OVP for your business. Read on to know more about why secure video platforms are necessary for broadcasters.

    Why is Secure Video Streaming Platform Important?

    A secure OVP will help you in providing top-notch video hosting services without any hassle. The top online video streaming platforms in the market also boast enhanced security features.

    Some of the security features provided by secure OVPs are as follows:

    • Content Restriction – A secure OVP will help you in restricting content from being copied or embedded to third-party websites. Many OVPs also provide domain locks for preventing your digital content to be copied by third-party websites.

    • Password Regulation – Many times broadcasters have to share videos with a limited number of viewers. You can protect your video with a strong password so that only authorized viewers who know the password can view the video. Password regulation in online videos is required for team meetings, internal audits, client reviews, etc. One should also change their password from time to time to prevent it from being cracked. A password protected video streaming is a basic step in preventing data theft.

    • Paywall Protection – If you have an integrated paywall along with your digital content, you need to provide maximum security to it. Viewers will enter their payment information on your paywall and you are liable to protect their information.

    • Internet Protection – The internet is a vast platform and your videos can be subjected to piracy, hacking, etc. You need to use an OVP that is secure and prevents unauthorized actions on your digital content. Secure OVPs also provide DRM protected video streaming.

    • HTTPS – Secure OVPs will provide you HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) for establishing a secure computer network. Digital certificated & encryption standards are used to establish the user’s connection with any website and prevent them from any type of attack.

    • AES Video Encryption – AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is a technique used to allow only authorized users to access your online content. AES uses a special key that is required to watch any stream. If you do not possess the special encryption key, you will not be able to join the stream.

    • IP Protection – A secure OVP will provide you with IP protection and will block unnecessary third-party sites. It will help in providing a stable &secure video streaming to your viewers.

    •  Geo-Location Access – Geo-Location Access can help you in broadcasting your digital content in your preferred geographic locations. You can block any particular geographic location from accessing your videos. Various locations are infamous for piracy and you can restrict those locations.

    Prevent from data theft

    Your digital data is very important to you and you don’t want to lose it. Make sure that you use original content for your online videos. One should look out for the security features of online video platforms before choosing one for their business. Some of the best practices to prevent data theft are as follows:

    1. Do not provide an auto-download option on your online videos. You should allow only authorized users to download videos and that too after logging in or entering a password. This will help you to avoid facing piracy/copyright issues.

    2. You can prevent unwanted IP addresses, pop-ups, etc. to interfere with your digital content. Many unsecured IP addresses seek a connection request and once they establish a connection with your website, they can steal your valuable data.

    3. Make sure you disable screenshots during video streaming to stop piracy. Broadcasters should provide an interactive online video solution along with data protection. Build a secure video platform to provide online videos at various locations. Disabling screenshots also helps in providing a secure live streaming service.

    4. You should implement a secure video hosting channel that is resistant to viruses, ransomware, spyware, or any other type of malware.You will store sensitive customer data or business information on OVP servers that can be used maliciously. Secure OVPs block any ransomware, spyware, etc., and keep your data safe. Choose an OVP that backs up your files/data and provides you with a recovery plan to post any ransomware attack.

    Top 5 Most Secure Online Video Platforms of 2021

    1.CONTUS VPlayed

    CONTUS VPlayed Online Video Streaming Platform
    CONTUS VPlayed Online Video Streaming Platform

    CONTUS VPlayed offers various DRM (Data Rights Management) and security features for preventing you from any kind of data theft. VPlayed is secured via AES 256 encryption standard and gives you access control rights. It works on an SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication to enhance content visibility. It also provides dynamic watermarks for preventing data theft & secure paywall integration for payment options. You can also provide non downloadable video hosting via VPlayed.


    Brightcove also offers various security features like IP restriction, AES 128 encryption, SSO authentication, etc. It also offers DRM features along with PAS (Playback Authentication Service). It works on a cloud computing security model that is reliable and fulfils your streaming needs.


    Kaltura OVP is highly secured via AES encryption. You can provide HTTPS streaming to your viewers via Kaltura OVP. Kaltura provides session control settings via tokenized URLs. It also provides DRM features for protecting your digital content along with protected video streaming. It will also provide you with secure video hosting for business.


    Panopto offers you password protection along with providing you authentication controls. It also provides client-side & server-side validation features for enabling only authorized users to watch/stream digital content. The user information is also encrypted via Panopto to reduce data theft.


    This OVP will provide you HTML5 DRM along with watermarking features to restrict the piracy of your digital content. Your viewers can download your videos securely and can watch them offline by this online video platform. Vdocipher also provides custom overlay & tracking features.


    Data theft is a prominent concern of broadcasters these days as their content creators cannot create original content in short intervals. You can use the above-mentioned streaming video providers that are counted as the most secure OVPs of 2021. You can also refer to the aforementioned list of online video solutions for comparing the security features of the mentioned OVPs. They are equipped with modern security & encryption features. Start using a secure online video platform now!

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