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Вышел ReSharper 4.5.1 и первые Nightly билды ReSharper 5.0 for VS 2010

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Это Maintenance release, который является бесплатным апдейтом на 4.x-тую версию.
Список изменений
Новые «Short ReSharper demos»
Сам релиз

New Feature
[RSRP-3236] — Inline rename does not react to invalid input
[RSRP-5474] — «Inline field...» functionality
[RSRP-5481] — Encapsulate field: Should check overrides/hides and warn
[RSRP-5902] — Provide Auto-complete/IntelliSense in dialog boxes.
[RSRP-6485] — Introduce Constant: make separate refactoring
[RSRP-20860] — Some symbols are not considered when searching for similar names
[RSRP-37222] — Suggest more names for out-parameters
[RSRP-37353] — new string variable name based on string value
[RSRP-38725] — To rename field in encapsulate refactoring
[RSRP-40115] — Move type should work on any reference not only on declaration
[RSRP-41797] — Coding in Reverse: inline variable should work for partially known types
[RSRP-60700] — Add «replace all instances» of lambda -> named method conversion
[RSRP-103607] — Introduce two extra groups of identifiers

Ещё тут JetBrains дали ссылку на Resharper 5 Preview для VS 2010:
(за 2010 спасибо XenJ)
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