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Thank you for the article, Julia!

I am a happy Buzzbike customer myself in London. It was great to learn more about the brand from the product design side. I would personally be very interested to hear more about how you perform conversion tests for your LPs, which tools Buzzbike team uses for this and how you define possible changes' scope!

Will be waiting for more articles about Buzzbike design

Thanks Nika. I'll be posting more stuff soon with some Buzzbike examples, so stay tuned 😉

Wow, we are just building our second landing. Useful to refresh the knowledge at a right time. Thx!

Another thing worth mentioning is dynamic landing pages. When landing pages are created for each visitor in real-time, based on various parameters of visitor profile.

This is super promising, agreed. haven't seen many live examples though

Great article, Julia! Really enjoyed the clear and practical dos and don'ts examples. Thanks for sharing

That is not a bad list at all. My only addition is to test. Test repeatedly and never give up. Test your hero images, testimonials, headlines, call to action, page layout, and anything else you can think of.

It's so simple to create a nice landing page that converts at 8% and call it a day. But what if that page converted at a rate of 10%? 15%? 30%? By that standard, 8% is actually abysmal.

Remember, you will NEVER write the perfect landing page for your target audience on the first try. Never. We learn about our audiences through data, then act on the data with tests, and finally act on the tests with updated copy and design.

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