How to Amplify Your Netflix Experience on The Small Screen

It is quite common to have a HD screen on a smart phone these days and as phones have started to offer greater multimedia experience, you don’t have to miss out on the fun!

In fact, Netflix is testing mobile only weekly subscription plans in emerging markets such as India. Therefore, to enhance your experience on the little screen, I have created this list of tips that you should try!

Here’s how to have a greater Netflix experience on your phone

1. Go for plan upgrade- Internet speed

Do you suffer from buffering while watching videos on your phone? Well, the recommended speed for watching HD quality videos is 5Mbps. Make sure your mobile carrier is offering at least that.
If not, go for a plan upgrade. This may cost you a little more, but it’s worth it. Your overall internet experience will be enhanced to a great extent. You will feel a genuine difference in operating the Netflix app and will never have to face buffering issues while watching shows.

2. Screen compatibility

As mentioned above, screen resolutions are getting better, so make sure you get yourself a phone that has a screen well enough. Sony recently came up with its Z5 premium which includes a 4k screen.
While you don’t need to go to that extent, even phones as old as the Samsung Galaxy S6 include a 2k screen resolution. This is good enough to give you razor sharp graphics on your cellphone.

So if you have low screen resolution phone, switch to one with a better resolution. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to spend a lot.

Even phones under $200 can do the job for you. The top three budget phones in 2019 are:

• Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.
• Honor 10 Lite.
• Moto G7 Power.

These phones are good enough to give you a premium multimedia experience.

3. Sound

The problem with listening to audio while travelling is that the sound quality is often compromised due to the noise in our surroundings. To get rid of the noise, the best option is getting active noise cancelling headphones or earphones.

Active noise cancellation technology cancels out the noise from the environment by emitting the same frequency in an inverted phase to cancel out the noise from your surroundings.

The best headphones released this year are:

• Bose QuietComfort 35 II
• Sony WH-1000XM3.
• Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

4. Get access to more content

Bored of the local Netflix library? Access Netflix content from all over the world with a best vpn. People often think that VPNs are for desktop computers or laptops only.

However, that is not the case. Almost all the popular VPN services have an iOS and Android app.
Simply switch to the server of your choice and get access to a huge variety of Netflix titles. For example, there are many great shows and movies that Netflix has released only in the United States, such as The Office.

Pro Tip- Change your VPN settings too ikev2 from OpenVPN protocol, this will improve your internet speed. This does lower the level of security but not to the extent that you’d have to worry.

5. Viewing codes

There is a great variety of genres available on Netflix. But it’s hard to find the hidden gems as Netflix makes recommendations some of the great stuff might get hidden, here is a great hack to get directly to your preferred genre.

Simply enter the code of the genre instead of (XXX) in the place of on your browser:

1. Action & Adventure (1365)
2. Anime (7424)
3. Children & Family Movies (783)
4. Classic Movies (31574)
5. Comedies (6548)
6. Cult Movies (7627)
7. Documentaries (6839)
8. Dramas (5763)
9. Faith & Spirituality (26835)
10. TV Shows (83)

Wrapping Up!

Don’t know what to watch? No need to scroll for hours. Try Netflix Roulette, this will save you a lot of time as it suggests random titles. You can choose the genre and ratings and the site will show up what’s in store for you.

Hopefully these killer tips will come in handy when you watch Netflix the next time you’re on the go!

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