Moving From Magento 1 To Magento 2 For Good, Better, Best

Any business, be it small scale or large scale, needs ways and techniques to expand and achieve success. With innumerable innovations popping today, one certainly needs to leave the rat race and become the winner. One such process is Magento 2 i.e. the improvised and highly optimized version of Magento platform. With a newly-designed interface, it has new dimensions which set it apart from Magento 1 and helps in an effective and efficient functioning of your brand/company.

Today approximately 20,560 websites are using Magento 2 and helping themselves in getting better customers and profits.

Having said this, it is of utter importance that we state the reasons for upgrading to Magneto 2. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved Performance: The first and foremost reason behind switching to any other process or theme is its performance and adaptability. Magento 2 comes with improved indexers and more efficient updates which in turn helps in speeding up query performance. In comparison to Magento 1, it is ought to run an average of 20% faster. Thus this will help in the enhancement of database flexibility and scalability to handle peak loads.

Improvised Admin Interface: The new admin interface is designed in a way so as to reduce the time in managing an online portal/store. It is all way more user-friendly, involuntary and easily navigable. Thus creating products in the admin panel becomes easier and faster.

Mobile-Friendly: With 80% of internet users owning a smartphone, it has become mandatory for brands to go mobile. In other words, responsive is the keyword for E-Commerce success. The Magento team recognized this and made mobile responsiveness a priority in the core Magento 2 platform.

Accompanied by new responsively designed (and SEO-friendly) themes, integrated video and easier checkout meant to improve the look and function of Magento stores on mobile devices, it also encourages mobile sales. In addition to the front-end of the site, the admin panel is touch-screen friendly allowing you to manage your store on the go.

Easy Check-Out: Last but not least, the all-new Magento 2 helps the customers in an easy order placement and checkout with minimum number of steps, thus reducing abandoned carts and improving transitions. This will directly help in getting customer satisfaction which is of utmost priority.

With such fruitful and advantageous features, upgrading towards Magento 2 seems to be the best possible choice for entities looking for success.

So outrank your competitors and get the best with Magento 2.
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