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Hightech Fun Arduino Projects that Anyone can Male

Level of difficultyEasy

Arduino Projects are super fun and Do it yourself category makes it more interesting, here are some few Diy projects:

  1. Smart-Dustbin:

  2. Electronic Hourglass

  3. Drone

  4. Intelligent car

  5. weather station



Smart dust bins are the perfect DIY project that blends the senses with the latest technology. With the aid of sensors and microcontrollers you can build a garbage bin that opens automatically when you move by it. It closes when you have got rid of your trash.

The procedure of creating the project is simple, which makes it an the perfect DIY project for kids.

Material needed:

This parts are easily available and can be purchased as kit

Here is the Tutorial you can refer.

DIY electronic hourglass

Electronic hourglass is an enjoyable project that is easy to create. It consists of the controlling of LEDs in the shape of an hourglass. The circuit is able to count in the order of a certain time of time and then shuts off the lights once the time is out. This circuit is an excellent introduction to experimentation in electronic circuits and programming made possible by the use of basic equipment.

Materials Needed:

  • MPU6050

  • MAX7219 Dot matrix display

  • Jumper wires

Here is the Tutorial you can refer.


Making a drone is a Project that’s educational as well as fun. It requires assembling propellers, motors, as well as a flight controller, for building a flying Drone which can be controlled via remote. Making a drone can be an Challenging and yet enjoyable.

Materials Needed:

Drone kit

Soldering iron


Remote controller

Here is the Tutorial you can refer.

Intelligent Tracking Car DIY Kit

An Intelligent Tracking Car is a great project for those interested in robotics and electronics. It contains sensors, motors, and a microcontroller that can be assembled to create a car follows lines, detect obstacles and be controlled remotely, building the car can be a fun learning experience.

Materials needed:

Intelligent Tracking Car DIY Kit

Soldering iron

Battery charger

Arduino board

Weather station

Weather stations project are a design to those who are who are interested in the monitoring of the weather. It consists of a circuit that take data from sensors, such as temperature pressure, humidity and more. This data is then displayed on a display and sent to computer. A great option for those who are new, and accomplished with just a handful of materials

Material needed:

Arduino nano,



LCD Display

Jumper wires

Here is the Tutorial you can refer.


DIY robotics projects can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Whether a beginner or an experienced maker, there are endless possibilities for robots that can perform tasks & functions.

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