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Preserving Line Breaks and Skips in Markdown with React: A Practical Solution (marked.js)

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Markdown is widely used for its simplicity and readability. However, when it comes to handling line breaks as they appear in a TextArea input, developers often face challenges. In this article, we discuss a common problem encountered in rendering Markdown in React applications, particularly preserving line breaks, and provide a practical solution that we've found effective.

Problem Statement

The main challenge arises when the input text from a TextArea needs to be converted into Markdown format while preserving the exact line breaks and spaces as entered by the user. Standard Markdown processors, including the popular marked library, do not treat single line breaks as new paragraphs, which can lead to a mismatch between the input and the rendered output.

Traditional Approaches

Typically, Markdown requires either a double line break or spaces at the end of a line to recognize a new paragraph. But these solutions do not directly address the issue of preserving user-entered line breaks from a TextArea.

Our Solution

To overcome this, we devised a method that involves the use of HTML entities and special handling of list items in Markdown. Here’s the React code snippet that illustrates our approach:

const MarkdownText: React.FC<Props> = ({ text, settings, className, ellipsis, onParced }) => {

    const modifiedText = useMemo(() => {
        const lines = text.split('\n');

        return lines.map((line, index) => {
            // Check if the line is part of a list
            const isListItem = /^\s*[*\-+]\s+|^\s*\d+\.\s+/.test(line);
            const isNextLineListItem = index < lines.length - 1 && /^\s*[*\-+]\s+|^\s*\d+\.\s+/.test(lines[index + 1]);

            if (isListItem || isNextLineListItem) 
                return line;
            if(line.trim() === '\\')
                return line.replace('\\', '&nbsp;\n');

            return line + '&nbsp;\n';
    }, [text]);

    // Remaining component code...


This solution involves checking each line of the input text to determine whether it is part of a list. For list items, the line is left unchanged. For other lines, we append &nbsp;\n to ensure that each line break in the TextArea results in a new line in the Markdown output. Additionally, we handle a special case where a line containing only a \ is replaced with &nbsp;\n, allowing for the insertion of empty lines.


This method allows for greater flexibility in how line breaks are handled in Markdown, ensuring that the rendered output closely matches the user's input in the TextArea. It is particularly useful in scenarios where preserving the exact format of user input is crucial.


Handling line breaks in Markdown within React applications can be tricky, but with the right approach, it's possible to preserve the original structure of the text as entered by the user. The solution we presented is a testament to the versatility of Markdown and HTML in addressing specific text formatting challenges.

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