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New editor

This is a new WYSIWYG editor in which all new publications will be created by default.

You can learn more about the new editor here.

The old editor is available via the link, but soon it will not be available anymore.

About the sandbox

This is the Sandbox — the part of Habr that accumulates all the debut publications of those who want to become full members of the community.

If you have an invitation send it to the author of the pending publication you like in order to share the publication with the rest of Habr community so they can read and comment it.

To avoid any prejudice all the publications here are anonymous and nicknames are generated randomly.

Memo to the author

Follow the site rules
Use tips & tricks to write an easy-to-read publication
Upload pictures less than 8MB for the publication body and less than 1MB for the publication cover

About publication's verification

Don’t pass such stuff:

  • advertising and PR-publications
  • questions (we have Habr Q&A for them);
  • vacancies (use Habr Career instead);
  • articles, that were previously published on other websites;
  • articles without correct punctuation, containing emojis and plenty of exclamation marks, unnecessary highlighting of words and sentences, and other inappropriate text formatting;
  • complaints about companies and services;
  • low-quality translations;
  • pieces of code without explanation;
  • one-word articles;
  • articles that are weakly related to IT or not related at all.