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RSS with types

Level of difficulty Medium
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RSS 2.0 specification was published in 2009 and hasn't moved from that point. The popularity and website adoption of this standard are dropping. People stop using it as it can't compete with social networks owned by big companies, and publishers stop using it is not rewarding. Let's review, analyze, and suggest a possible alternative to RSS. We will go from a concept to a working prototype.

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Why I need RSS 3.0

Level of difficulty Easy
Reading time 6 min
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In the past 5 years, I moved across 3 countries and 2 continents. It was not a short tourist travel or vacation, but a full immigrant experience with 1+ year experience minimum. I had to adapt to new cultures, new languages, new people, new food, new weather, new everything. One of the pains was to adopt new online services and information sources.

The problems I have faced were not obvious and interesting at the same time. I tried to analyze what was missing and required to make life easier.

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Почему я продолжаю ездить на устаревших Москвиче и А-76

Reading time 4 min
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Почему я продолжаю ездить на устаревших Москвиче и А-76? Этот вопрос мне часто задают мои соотечественники, соседи по даче и здесь на Хабре. Решил ответить сразу всем в этой заметке.

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