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A Book on the API Design

Designing and refactoring *API *Professional literature

This year, each of us seeks a special way to pass the time. I am writing a book, for example. A book about one thing I love dearly: the API. (You may read who am I and what expertise got in APIs in my LinkedIn profile.)

I've just finished the first large section dedicated to the API design. You may read it online, or download either pdf or epub version, or take a look at the source code on Github.

The book is distributed for free under a CC-BY-NC license. Enjoy!

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How to Develop Dating Mobile App like Tinder?

Development of mobile applications *Development for Android *Mobile applications design *

During the COVID 19 pandemic, majorly single people are getting bored the most by sitting at home and just doing work from home; that's why they are searching for the alternatives to be busy and entertained.

This is the main reason why dating apps like tinder usage is increasing day by day. 

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