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Zotero also has a possibility automatically fetches numbers of citations of your Zotero items from Google Scholar and makes it possible to sort your items by the citations. Moreover, it allows batch updating the citations, as they may change over time. Github.
It is covered on Github, you will have a special option in a dropdown menu. In my case, for 100-200 sources, (as I could see from Github issues page — not only in mine) I coud not update citations, but in 2 days issue was self-fixed. I think it is related to a Google Scholar limitation of requests — you should wait some time to give addon a time window to update all your sources. It works for me and many other users, I hope this open-source addon will be more stable with time.

Is it possible to grab the information not form GS but via DOI from CrossRef? (just like the magic wand button in Zotero)
GS metadata is often quite incomplete.

Thanks for the article.
How best to convert an existing 300Mb storage to this new scheme?

Thanks. I'd try first the extract metadata from pdf option. And then the remaining by doi

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