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Pretty disappointing numbers for annual stats. My «Audio over Bluetooth» article is present in top daily posts every day, and it was posted in June.
I was not aware that the time of preparation is displaying somewhere. It can be calculated by comparing the articles IDs with the nearest articles, but it's not so easy.

Or you just saved it locally for yourself?

I know that time because, I created those articles=)

Yes, sure, but I thought maybe somewhere in the Habr control panel there are these values automatically calculated.

Out of this discussion, but you will hardly get something from post ID, since some authors regularly create a draft much earlier than publishing post, some are just posting directly. That's exactly why IDs do not correspond to time

You cannot get it directly, true, but if you post on the X-axis the articles time and on the Y-axis IDs of the article, you get a pretty accurate estimate of the time difference between creation and publication time:

Of course, there is no guarantee that the author was really working on this article all this time :)

it depends on workflow, there are two examples:

  1. according https://habr.com/en/info/topics/toolkit/ they advise is to use google doc for creating an article
  2. in my case, I create an article at github pages, after that collect feedback & publish to habr

I am doing mostly the same, creating posts not here, but in VS Code and later just fixing mistakes in how does it look like and markdown troubles. So it's like created draft and in half an hour it was published. But just yesterday created a draft for post, I am only going to prepare this week

That's because of topic. Some titles do really attract viewers and you get more votes and comments. So the best is statistics of votes, rating and comments normalized by views. Audience is really different for every post

For me, the most relevant was views/bookmarks rating. It really shows that the article is useful and readers want to save this for future use.
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