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I appreciate that the article acknowledges that TRIZ isn't a magic wand and still requires hard work and creativity. It's a great reminder that problem-solving is a process, and there's always room for improvement.

Thank you, Lera. It is interesting that TRIZ is still useful since its invention in the 1940s.

The water glasses puzzle was so simple yet so satisfying to solve. It's amazing how one small change can completely transform the arrangement!

I really love the fact that there are common principles of problem-solving that can be applied to both puzzles and product management.

What training and resources are available for product managers who want to learn more about TRIZ and how to apply its principles in their work?

Good question mathbunnyru! Few ideas:
- Online Courses: There are many online courses available that teach TRIZ principles and their application in various industries. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning offer online courses on TRIZ and its practical applications
- TRIZ Books: There are many books available on TRIZ, ranging from introductory guides to more advanced texts. "TRIZ for Dummies" by Lilly Haines-Gadd is a good starting poin
- TRIZ Workshops: Many consulting firms and training organizations offer TRIZ workshops and training sessions
- TRIZ Certification: There are several organizations that offer TRIZ certification programs, which can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in TRIZ. The Altshuller Institute and the TRIZ Journal both offer certification programs

Could you share an example or case study from your experience as a product manager who successfully applied TRIZ principles to overcome a particular challenge or innovate in their product development process?

Thanks for the question yonatan_sali! Samsung is one of the companies that have successfully applied TRIZ principles in their product development process. In one case, Samsung used TRIZ to improve the design of a washing machine drum. The drum's design had been causing excessive vibration and noise during the spin cycle, leading to customer complaints and returns. Samsung engineers used TRIZ principles to analyse the problem and identified a contradiction between the need for stability and the need for a lighter weight drum to reduce vibrations. Using TRIZ principles, Samsung engineers developed a new design that solved the contradiction by using a double-layered drum with a hollow space in between the two layers. The hollow space was filled with water during the wash cycle, increasing the drum's weight and stability while also reducing vibrations during the spin cycle. This new design not only solved the vibration and noise issues but also led to a more efficient use of water during the wash cycle.

In what ways does TRIZ help product managers balance the constraints of time, budget, and resources while also meeting customer needs?

Thanks, this article on TRIZ seems really informative and useful for problem‑solving in both personal and professional environments. Could you recommend any other problem‑solving methodologies in addition to TRIZ?

Also like this topic, I've read a book on TRIZ a long time ago, and it's good to recall it now (i'm working in an area that requires creative solutions). And thanks for the nice puzzles, i'll give them to my teammates, i think they'll find them interesting and hopefully it will enhance creativity.

I had heard of TRIZ before but didn't fully understand it until reading this article. Thank you for explaining it so clearly! How does TRIZ compare to other problem-solving methodologies, such as Six Sigma or Lean?

I worked as a product manager once and also went through the developing pricing strategy. The real problem came when the product owners did not agree to anything and continued to build their own strategies to outsmart me. I used to think why I was hired at all.

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