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Thanks for this article. I like you app. And i have one question. Why did not you use clickhouse for metadata too and ise it postgres? I think one database is batter than two?) I see that similar apps like a signoz and qryn store all metadata to clickhouse too

For practical reasons:

  • PostgreSQL has unique indexes, ON CONFLICT, MERGE queries etc. It is not that easy to correctly implement that with ClickHouse (ReplacingMergeTree etc).

  • PostgreSQL has full text search capabilities and faceted navigation can be easily built on top of it.

  • PostgreSQL has lots of decent options for backups. ClickHouse recently got built-in backup capabilities too, but it was not available "back in the days".

  • When you run a cloud service, having multiple databases offers extra flexibility, for example, I can stop ClickHouse database for maintenance but PostgreSQL will be still available.

And i really like it https://uptrace.dev/get/opentelemetry-js-web.html

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