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I completely agree. But an article about modals on the web (Vue framework)

"If we have an application with one modal window, then this approach will suit us." Why is it a problem? You don't need to open modal window in modal widow. In one of my recent Vue3 projects I used native HTML <dialog> . Did not experience any troubles with it. Still confused why other UI libs still use Teleport or custom approach for modal window in web browsers.

Regarding the opening of several modal windows: we have a main modal window (for example, an order) and after filling in the data, we want to show a modal window with order confirmation. We can save the state of the modal (order), then show the modal with confirmation. In case the user rejects, we will show again the first window(order) with the recovered data.But sometimes it complicates the logic very much.
In my example, we don't need to care about data storage at all. I completely agree with you about teleport and I think that in the near future the native dialog from HTML will replace this.

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