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Benefits of Hybrid Data Lake: How to combine Data Warehouse with Data Lake

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Hey, hey! I am Ilya Kalchenko, a Data Engineer at NIX, a fan of big and small data processing, and Python. In this article, I want to discuss the benefits of hybrid data lakes for efficient and secure data organization.

 To begin with, I invite you to figure out the concepts of Data Warehouses and Data Lake. Let’s delve into the use cases and delimit areas of responsibility.

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Technical Challenges of VuzeCamera (iOS) — First-ever 3D VR Movie Shot in Space

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VuzeCamera is the first consumer 360° 3D camera and a new dual-camera that gives anyone the power to create and share immersive experiences in 360° or VR180° (3D) Photo and Video.

This device is regularly ranked in the top selections of the best cameras, it’s been praised by numerous reviews, and a couple of years ago the Vuze camera went to the International Space Station to shoot the first-ever 3D VR movie shot in space.
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Building a Food Delivery App

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This is the year that everything changed. Companies, and people around the world have been impacted by COVID19 and the way we live, and work has been altered. Organizations have had to react quickly to these changes and many businesses have had to make drastic changes simply to stay afloat.

However, while many businesses were negatively impacted, some areas of the economy have benefited from these changes. One of the areas that has possibly benefited the most is the online delivery industry. This is primarily due to the changes that the governments around the world are mandating of their citizens.

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How to Deploy Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 to AWS

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Hyperledger Fabric is an open-source blockchain platform from the Linux Foundation. With its help, you can create blockchain applications and control access and permissions for data in the blockchain. The most popular reason to use Hyperledger Fabric is to create a private blockchain network or set restrictions on what transactions each side can see.

The documentation of Hyperledger Fabric describes the creation of a blockchain network on one machine using Docker, where each member of the network is a separate container. But the process of setting up a network on several physical or virtual machines is not well described. Therefore, we decided to discuss this in the article.

Our blockchain application is a service for storing the medical data of school and preschool children. The data must remain unchanged. It will be presented in the form of information on vaccination and on the patient's agreement with a particular doctor. The members of the network include Parents (an organization that represents the interests of parents), Hospital (a hospital which represents pediatricians with whom parents can enter into an agreement to care for their children) and Kindergarten (a kindergarten that can request health and vaccinations reports of a child from the hospital).
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