• Cloud-based WebRTC streaming on DigitalOcean

      Popular cloud hosting DigitalOcean has recently launched its new marketplace selling preconfigured images that can help to quickly deploy an application server. It’s much like AWS, but DO is for those already using this provider’s services. Let’s see how to deploy a simple server for WebRTC streaming with a DO account for a $10/month fee based on Flashphoner WebCallServer and how such a server can be of use.

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    • Flutter App Development | Future of iOS and Android App Development

        As everyone accepts the flutter technology is the best open-source mobile app development framework introduced by Google. using this technology mobile app developer can able to create a cross-platform mobile application with a beautiful user interface. The way of designing views is similar to the web application and you can find many similarities to CSS and HTML. Without knowing anything about this technology, you may have already used mobile apps which are made by using flutter technology.

        Flutter technology is the mobile app SDK to build great performance, extraordinary accuracy, apps for iOS and android both platforms from the single codebase. The important goal of this app is to enable the developers to deliver the expected results apps which feel natural on different platforms. This difference is in scrolling behaviors, typography, icons and many more. It's not like other major solutions, this technology is not the framework as it completes the SDK software development kit which already holds everything that the users need to build cross-platform applications.

        Now, let’s discuss the major use of this technology in mobile application development and how it can help us in building mobile apps as:
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      • Kotlin: How It Is A Great Choice For Android App Development?

          In 2017, Google declared Kotlin as its second official language for Android application development. The language itself proving to be a modern, intuitive and pragmatic programming language. That’s why Kotlin's app development community is growing at a fast pace. For android app developers, using Kotlin with Java can reduce excessive boilerplate code which is a huge win for them.

          In order to heighten productivity, Kotlin language comes with amazing functional features that support Java interoperability. It has effectively improved the coding experience of developers by introducing concise expressions, abstractions, and improved syntax.
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        • Authenticate me. If you can…

          • Tutorial

          I frequently hear questions like "How to implement authentication in an Android app?", "Where to store a PIN?", "Hey man, will I be secure if I implement an authentication feature in such a way?" and a lot of the kind. I got really tired answering these questions so I decided to write all my thoughts about it once to share with all questioners.

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        • Which is the Best for Mobile App Development | Native Vs Hybrid

            In today's world, a mobile app is an irreplaceable part of any business designed to leverage from the use of modern technologies for building strong relationships with customers. Taking into account the ever-increasing role that mobile devices play in a major role, there’s nothing strange that mobile apps help businesses to stay in touch with users 24/7 and provide them with a great experience.

            Even if you’re entirely sure that mobile app development is a demanding thing that can boost-up your business, If you have the plan to develop a mobile app, this is the right time. without a delay start developing the app. But wait, you have to make an important decision and choose between hybrid and native mobile app development. You can make this decision based on your goals and available resources. In this article, we’ll try to highlight some advantages and disadvantages of both approaches to help you decide which option will work better for your particular company.
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          • Latest Android Application Trends — 2019

              Nowadays we have come beyond a major shift of trend from native to cross-platform mobile app development with the booming popularity of React Native and Progressive Web Apps. The emerging android application trends also consolidate technologies such as AR, VR, IoT and more. Here are some trends we see coming up this year and ahead when it comes to Android mobile app development:

              React Native and more cross-platform development:

              With more cross-platform drives including React Native and Kotlin sharing and more app-cloud based services offering more advanced features, the ecosystem of cross-platform is continuing to grow. An example is Google Firebase.

              Artificial Intelligence fuelling the personalization of user experiences:

              What Artificial Intelligence serves to promote users is convenience and predictability with their applications that is what helps improve their experience. Artificial Intelligence adds predictability to the regular processes, making them efficient.
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            • 10 Top Software Development Companies for Enterprise & Startups

                Every day we hear about new budding software programs. With the rapid advances in the software development industry, new players entering the market and have captured a large segment of the market. So, when you need to track business projects, handle the allocation of assets, and solve other IT challenges, you need help from the top software development companies. However, it doesn’t mean that you should select a software development company on the basis of how appealing it was once. Today, people prefer to check the full profile of a company first and then decide to get their service.

                To ease your pressure down, listing here some of the internationally acclaimed software development companies from the development niche. This list has been curated on the basis of a variety of reliable resources like Clutch, GoodFirms, Google SERPs, user's feedback & reviews, different independent review firms including medium.com, themanifest.com, etc. Based on the collected data, I’ve assigned the total score for each of the 10 leaders, and here I represent a list of the top software development companies that are doing best in their domain.

                List of the Top Software Development Companies

                1. ValueCoders

                When it’s about selecting the top IT outsourcing software development company, ValueCoders is the best one to go for. It is one of the best software development companies delivering offshore IT and software development services to clients based all around the globe. The company has over 14+ years in the development industry and have worked with many big entrepreneurs, SMEs, startups, digital agencies, and software development firms. As one of the top IT outsourcing & software development companies, they offer full flexibility and full control over the projects that makes them one of the top software development companies in India and the USA.
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              • AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

              • Hidden mistakes with Shared Element Transitions

                  There is a good practice to make your application beautiful and live, and nowadays there are a lot of tools and ways to achieve this. One of them is Shared Element Transition.

                  In this article I’ll cover a few mistakes which have cost me a lot of time; I’ll show how to avoid them if you decide to implement this kind of transitions with Fragments on application.
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                • Suspending over blocking

                  This article aims to show how to use Kotlin Coroutines and remove Reaxtive eXtensions (Rx).


                  To start let's consider four benefits of Coroutines over Rx:

                  Suspending over Blocking

                  To run non-blocking code using Rx you'd write something like this:

                  Observable.interval(1, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
                      .subscribe {
                          textView.text = "$it seconds have passed"

                  Which is effectively creating a new thread. Threads are heavy objects in terms of memory and performance.

                  Both are critical in the mobile development world.

                  You can achieve the same behavior using the following snippet:

                  launch {
                      var i = 0
                      while (true){
                          textView.text = "${it++} seconds have passed"

                  Essentially, Coroutines are light-weight threads but we don't create any real thread.
                  Here we are using non-blocking delay() function, which is a special suspending function that does not block a thread but suspends the Coroutine.

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                • Modern Environment for React Native Applications

                  In this article, we will consider the process of setting up a React Native environment using expo-cli, Typescript, and Jest.
                  Typescript will help us avoid development mistakes and write a more efficient mobile application.

                  Modern tools allow integrating Typescript into the development environment. We can also use VS Code that supports Typescript.

                  Integration with React Native will give us the opportunity to use the auto-completion service, code navigation, and refactoring.

                  Expo is a toolkit that simplifies the creation of native React applications. This tutorial will give you an idea of how you can quickly create native React applications using Expo.

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                • Why developers love to build native App?

                    In today's world, the rise and use of smartphones have reached to an extent and is continuing to rise higher. There are numerous things on which people are more dependent on fulfilling their daily tasks or usage. Millions of mobile applications are built by developers to make the lives of people more comfortable and convenient. There is a range of reasons to use mobile apps like — playing games, shopping, engagement on social media platforms, accessing news, and other functions.

                    For assuring that the application is working in a perfect condition, it is necessary to make sure that the development process is followed in a certain way while building an app. So why Native app development will be comfortable for your app and not Cross-platform development?

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                  • Bluetooth stack modifications to improve audio quality on headphones without AAC, aptX, or LDAC codecs

                      Before reading this article, it is recommended to read the previous one: Audio over Bluetooth: most detailed information about profiles, codecs, and devices / по-русски

                      Some wireless headphone users note low sound quality and lack of high frequencies when using the standard Bluetooth SBC codec, which is supported by all headphones and other Bluetooth audio devices. A common recommendation to get better sound quality is to buy devices and headphones with aptX or LDAC codecs support. These codecs require licensing fees, that's why devices with them are more expensive.

                      It turns out that the low quality of SBC is caused by artificial limitations of all current Bluetooth stacks and headphones' configuration, and this limitation can be circumvented on any existing device with software modification only.
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                    • Top 5 mobile app development companies in the UK


                        According to Evans Data Corporation, there are 12 million developers in the world. About 350,000 of these software and mobile developers work and live in the UK including freelancers and IT employees.

                        How do you choose the best one among all this variety? The obvious answer — get going with a professional IT company. This will increase your chances to work with true professionals.

                        I’ve made my own research based on a variety of reliable resources like Google SERPs and user’s reviews, different independent media, including medium.com and aggregators, like businessofapps.com, Clutch, etc. and other independent sites. Based on the collected data, I’ve aggregated the total score for each of the 25 leaders, and here I represent a list of the winners: the top 5 software developers in the UK.
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                      • In-App Updates Flexible Flow: Speed Up the App Update Process on Android

                          With a variety of new tools and features announced at Android Dev Summit, special attention should be given to the In-App Updates (IAUs) API allowing developers to increase the speed of delivering features, bug-fixes and performance improvements to active users. Since this feature was finally released after Google I/O 2019, in this article I’ll deep dive on IAUs API, describe in details recommended user flows and provide with some code samples. Moreover, I'll share some experience of IAUs integration in the Pandao app, a marketplace platform for Chinese goods.
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                        • Top mobile app development companies

                            Looking for an app development company? I’ve searched for information about it and made this list. It might help to find an app development company to hire. The list contains basic information about each company included in it like company size, hourly rate, min. project size, etc. And I recently decided to upgrade the list to 100 app development companies.
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                          • Top software development companies

                              Looking for a custom software development company to create the next big app? You can start googling “custom software development company”. but choosing might take a few weeks before picking one from list of the best software development companies that requires all your demands.

                              Here is the list of top software development companies based on Clutch, Goodfirms and Quora research and Google's ranking.

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                            • Dog Breed Identifier: Full Cycle Development from Keras Program to Android App. on Play Market

                                With the recent progress in Neural Networks in general and image Recognition particularly, it might seem that creating an NN-based application for image recognition is a simple routine operation. Well, to some extent it is true: if you can imagine an application of image recognition, then most likely someone have already did something similar. All you need to do is to Google it up and to repeat.

                                However, there are still countless little details that… they are not insolvable, no. They simply take too much of your time, especially if you are a beginner. What would be of help is a step-by-step project, done right in front of you, start to end. A project that does not contain «this part is obvious so let's skip it» statements. Well, almost :)

                                In this tutorial we are going to walk through a Dog Breed Identifier: we will create and teach a Neural Network, then we will port it to Java for Android and publish on Google Play.

                                For those of you who want to see a end result, here is the link to NeuroDog App on Google Play.

                                Web site with my robotics: robotics.snowcron.com.
                                Web site with: NeuroDog User Guide.

                                Here is a screenshot of the program:


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                              • How I discovered an easter egg in Android's security and didn't land a job at Google

                                • Translation
                                Google loves easter eggs. It loves them so much, in fact, that you could find them in virtually every product of theirs. The tradition of Android easter eggs began in the very earliest versions of the OS (I think everyone there knows what happens when you go into the general settings and tap the version number a few times).

                                But sometimes you can find an easter egg in the most unlikely of places. There’s even an urban legend that one day, a programmer Googled “mutex lock”, but instead of search results landed on foo.bar, solved all tasks and landed a job at Google.


                                The same thing (except without the happy ending) happened to me. Hidden messages where there definitely couldn’t be any, reversing Java code and its native libraries, a secret VM, a Google interview — all of that is below.
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                              • My and my girlfriend’s first video game. Development with Unity. Part 1

                                  If not to take into account releases for Android and a dozen of abandoned projects just before they were ready, then yes, it is our first game appropriate for more than one platform. How did it all start? Very simply. We worked on another project, let’s call it “project A”, and we’d been working on it for a long time when we decided to make a game during a couple of months and use it to train our marketing skills, and then immediately release our “project A” when we would be more experienced in the promotion of games. But the plan failed and “project A” was kept untouched for the whole year. But this story isn’t about “project A”, it’s about a logical game called «Cubicity: Slide puzzle».

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