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How to verify Switching-Mode Power Supply circuits

CAD/CAMCircuit designManufacture and development of electronicsDIY
It is always good practice to verify a circuit before using.

Switching-Mode Power Supplies are the most used circuits nowadays. But there are some difficulties with verifying their circuits: vendors do not publish models for all controllers; a model can be locked to be used with some tool; there can be errors in a model; average models want correct parameters and you need some practice of using them; transient models take a lot of time to get small-signal response and also can have errors.

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Polygonal Mesh to B-Rep Solid Conversion: Algorithm Details and C++ Code Samples

C++Working with 3D-graphicsCAD/CAMMathematics
Boundary representation (B-rep) is the primary method of representing modeled objects in most geometric kernels, including our C3D Modeler kernel. The core algorithms that edit models, such as applying fillet operations, performing cutting operations, and obtaining flat projections require the precision of B-rep representations. The rapidly growing variety of 3D data in polygonal formats makes the task of model transformations from polygons into boundary representation increasingly relevant. As a result, we developed a new SDK, C3D B-Shaper, which is part of our C3D Toolkit.

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The Fall and Recovery of a Mold

АСКОН corporate blogCAD/CAMMathematics
Software component developers tend to be far removed from the end users of the products in which their components are employed. Recently, however, we connected directly with a KOMPAS-3D MCAD user to solve an issue involving mold design. It seems that 3D models were being exported incorrectly to data exchange formats like STP, X_T, and SAT. The cause, unhappily for us, turned out to be in our С3D Modeler geometric modeling kernel. Here is how we solved the problem, quickly.

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