• Bitcoin for Starbucks Coffee Poses Significant Tax Filing Issues

      A while ago, Starbucks announced that it was entering into a partnership with the United States cryptocurrency-based platform, Bakkt. Two days ago, new details about the partnership revealed that Starbucks, the United States coffee giant, may start accepting Bitcoin Bakkt payments because of the equity deal. The news was initially reported by The Block, a cryptocurrency news outlet.

      Bitcoin Bakkt Payments On Starbucks


      In August last year, Starbucks became one of the founding partners of Bakkt. Now, the coffee giant will install the Bitcoin Bakkt software that will allow customers make payments for their products in Bitcoin. The report from The Block stated that even if the payments will be made in cryptocurrencies, no Bitcoin will be left on the chain. They will be converted into fiat instantly.

      Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD


      The entire cryptocurrency industry has been waiting for the release of Bakkt which is currently in its final stages. The platform is expected to support the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies around the globe. The platform will most likely be launched this year. Among other things, it is going to provide issuance for physically-delivered Bitcoin futures contracts. Right now, the main thing that is holding the platform back is regulatory approval from the CFTC. As soon as the United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission gives its approval, the platform will go live. This is expected to happen later this year.
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    • Cryptocurrency market valuation to hit $1 trillion this year -Cryptocurrency Predictions 2019

        Cryptocurrency market valuation to hit $1 trillion this year. The market cap of cryptocurrency seems to just increase. Even though some of the individual ones are falling but cumulatively, the market cap seems to increase year-on-year.

        According to the CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, cryptocurrencies would see accelerated growth. They would be able to pull back from the bottom to new highs.

        According to him, there are many businesses revolving around cryptocurrencies now. Also, there are many people in the know-how of cryptocurrency is no
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      • Factors of the Bitcoin’s value


        In the modern world, new technologies become important factors of the development of financial sphere of world economy. Emergency of such cryptocurrency as Bitcoin is connected with both great opportunities and certain risks for the users of this cryptocurrency. The aim of the present work is to determine the main factors which affect the price of Bitcoin.
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      • The authoritative guide to Blockchain Sharding

          Hi, I'm one of the developers of the sharded blockchain Near Protocol, and in this article want to talk about what blockchain sharding is, how it is implemented, and what problems exist in blockchain sharding designs.

          It is well-known that Ethereum, the most used general purpose blockchain at the time of this writing, can only process less than 20 transactions per second on the main chain. This limitation, coupled with the popularity of the network, leads to high gas prices (the cost of executing a transaction on the network) and long confirmation times; despite the fact that at the time of this writing a new block is produced approximately every 10–20 seconds the average time it actually takes for a transaction to be added to the blockchain is 1.2 minutes, according to ETH Gas Station. Low throughput, high prices, and high latency all make Ethereum not suitable to run services that need to scale with adoption.

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