• Prestashop Alternatives in 2020: Top eCommerce Platforms


      Are you looking for the best eCommerce platform for your store? Well, this is such an important and big decision as this decides the future of your business. There are various eCommerce platforms and Prestashop is also one of them.

      If you are aware of Prestashop and want to switch to other options then this blog is going to help you with good alternatives. Before you jump to other eCommerce platforms, let’s have a look at the market popularity of the Prestashop. Have a look at the below-given graph by Similar Tech which shows the market popularity of the Prestashop.


      Without stretching too much time, let’s move towards the best alternatives. Let’s have a look at them:

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    • m-Commerce | Mobile Commerce App Development | Advantages of m-Commerce

        Mobile commerce or m-commerce is a popular platform. We can also say it is going to be the next generation of e-commerce. Due to this rising popularity, several companies are eager to jump onto the m-commerce bandwagon to offer their customers quicker and easier access to their brand. With more than 66% of the worldwide population having access to mobile phones and apps, m-Commerce seems to be the best option for businesses to expand their brand’s reach while acquiring new users. m-Commerce platforms offer vendors an excellent opportunity to effectively sell their products across a huge market.

        Owing to the various proven advantages that mCommerce brings to both large and small businesses by offering the same functionality as a desktop app, is it on the trajectory to being the preferred selling platform in the future.
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      • Future of E-commerce | E-Commerce Trends

          E-commerce is the most popular technology nowadays. While E-commerce development is the growing market, emerging marketplaces are poised to become the next mega-market as the adoption of the internet increases continuously. Growing markets are the hotbeds for e-commerce that comes with unique possibilities and challenges across the countries.

          In rising markets, e-commerce has been developing exponentially, and at a cost may soon exceed the developed countries in 2018. As, e-commerce achieves higher goals in developing countries, and it will defeat barriers to adopt high-speed networks which are fast enough for mobiles and shipping prices.

          These limitations can only be overcome by more reliable infrastructure and greater range. As the demand for eCommerce increases in some of the major business sectors. A bigger percentage of the online population will be buying online goods by 2019 in many countries. Around 50% of the population in emerging markets will shop online by 2020.
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        • How Artificial Intelligence is Helpful to the World

            From chatbots to Driverless cars, Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the way we work and live, yes AI started changing the world.
            Google CEO says 'AI is more important to humanity than fire, electricity'

            It is set to bring a huge revolution in the business world. There are multiple areas where it has proven its importance in recent times. These include creating incredible user experiences in E-commerce, Imparting better services at relatively lower costs, optimizing the customer searches and recommendations and generation of sales through wearable technology.

            Let us have a look at these applications in details:

            AI to create better user experiences in e-Commerce

            One of the trending and most used word E-Commerce, Every business owner started building an E-commerce app and website for their business. Market-leading brands including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal have already adopted AI to engage their customers with more reliable and better e-commerce experience, by knowing their interests and preferences and other essential details such as their gender, age-group, education-level and income-group and so on. This has helped them in a big way to push the products of their liking more meaningfully and with a detailed targeted approach. This has produced approximately 40% sales increase using up-selling and cross-selling of products.
            Let’s assume if you stand in front of a mirror, and the mirror captures a picture of yours. Based on your physical appearance, detects your age-group, gender, and your preferred style to suggest clothes in the mirror screen by showing how it would look on you. You know something this is how E-commerce apps going to work in the future. Hope you know how LensKart works, it is also making use of AI & Virtual Reality in eCommerce to serve their customers with advanced and enhanced user experiences.
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          • Top 20 Marketplace Development Companies From All Over the World

              Considering ever-rising e-commerce sales, which hit $29 trillion last year, companies can no longer neglect online presence. Many of them have already changed the way they work and transformed from simple online stores to marketplaces bringing more sales and opportunities.

              Those who’ve chosen the path of transformation or want to build a marketplace are probably seeking for experienced service providers to get some help.

              Since there are hundreds of development companies all over the world, I decided to research the market and narrow down the circle of providers you might want to consider for partnership.

              To compile this list the following factors were considered:

              • Overall number of customer reviews on such reputable platforms as Clutch, Upwork, GoodFirms, App Futura, Extract.co, IT Firms.
              • Overall score of those reviews.
              • Presence of Fortune 500 clients in the public domain.
              • Presence of industry awards in the public domain (e.g. Global Sourcing Award, Top B2B Global Leaders, Best of the Global Outsourcing 100).
              • Team size (bigger companies come first).
              • Year of fundation (mature companies have more trust).
              • Number of offices (more is better).
              • Number of brand mentions over the web (only companies with 1,500+ mentions are listed).

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            • Open source tool for intent-based search quality validation

                No matter how cool your search solution is, without a reliable way of testing it you will not be able to do any improvement without breaking something valuable.

                Even a tiny increase in overall search result quality might have a noticeable effect on conversion rate. Naturally, you can use exit-rate to judge if your search needs improvements and do required adjustments, but will you be able to make sure those changes are safe? What if improved relevancy for a specific category breaks search for several other categories?


                Moreover, high exit-rate means no matter what you are going to do, the problem has taken place, so dozens of customers already didn’t manage to find what they were up to. Basically, the only way to proceed is to have a reliable search quality validation approach.
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              • Building a Private Currency Service Using Exonum

                  Zero-knowledge proofs/arguments are an emerging cryptographic technology that promises to bring us closer to the Holy Grail of blockchain: providing data privacy and auditability.

                  Potential applications for zero-knowledge include, but are not limited to:

                  Another application for zero-knowledge proofs is helping blockchains scale. ZKPs allow for the “compressing” of computations for blockchain transactions without sacrificing security.

                  In this article, we describe how zero-knowledge (specifically, Bulletproofs) can be applied to build a privacy-focused service using Bitfury’s Exonum platform.

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