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Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based on the concept of "objects"

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Enumerable: How to yield a business value

High performance *.NET *C# *ООP *Microservices *
This article is a brief explanation about how using a common language keywords might have an influence on the budget of IT-infrastructure of a project or help to achieve some limitations/restrictions of hosting infrastructure and, moreover, will be a good sing of the quality and maturity of the source code.
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Fighting complexity in software development

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After working on different projects, I've noticed that every one of them had some common problems, regardless of domain, architecture, code convention and so on. Those problems weren't challenging, just a tedious routine: making sure you didn't miss anything stupid and obvious. Instead of doing this routine on a daily basis I became obsessed with seeking solution: some development approach or code convention or whatever that will help me to design a project in a way that will prevent those problems from happening, so I can focus on interesting stuff. That's the goal of this article: to describe those problems and show you that mix of tools and approaches that I found to solve them.

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