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Dynamic, interpreted, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language

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How to Integrate Netvisor to Shopify and Simplify the Company's Business Processes

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *

Thousands of new online businesses created daily. Dozens of different platforms work like real mega plants to meet the needs of humanity. In recent years, the Shopify occupies a leading position in the market and continues to gain momentum. Shopify's functionality is expanding rapidly, but sometimes even it's not enough. We want to show how you can integrate the accounting Netvisor to your newly made e-shop and what benefits you get at it.

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Facebook Ad Campaigns Ways from Manual to Automotive

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Facebook API *Display advertising

Based on practice, even the simplest data analysis can lead to a significant reduction in CPA. Advertising campaigns on Facebook are no exceptions and need to be optimized over time. Often under optimization, you can see experiments with different types of audiences and targeting. If you want to get more conversions within the same budget, then you should pay attention to a few crucial points that we will consider in this article.

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List of Top World Ruby's Conferences

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Conferences

Ruby programmers around the world are participating in an increasing number of conferences where they gather to share reports on unfinished projects, discuss the future of Ruby, and welcome newcomers to the community. At such conferences, new ideas are born and a lot of inspiration comes for real masters of their craft. Let's take a look at the list of the main events of the Ruby community.

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Custom Web Development — Making Dream Business a Reality

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *CRM systems *Build automation *

Custom development is different from commercially distributed software or existing open source software. Individual development either creates a new application or expands the functionality of an existing one and can be executed by its own or third-party developers.

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Ruby on Rails' Big Place in Marketplace Development

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Build automation *

How do you know that it’s time for you to launch your online marketplace? When do you see the necessity to provide the ultimate clear and fast “brand – consumer” communications? The point of an online marketplace is to grow customers loyalty by offering them an ever-expanding range of products.

A brand, whether online or not, must use its reputation and expertise to make its marketplace successful.

Let's take a look at the benefits of marketplaces and the reliability of Ruby on Rails as the strongest development tool.

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Why we love and choose Ruby instead of Node.js?

Website development *Ruby *JavaScript *Ruby on Rails *Node.JS *

Choosing between Node.js and Ruby on Rails, when choosing a development platform, is a core decision. That affects how the project unfolds over time, and how much server resources will be needed. Both languages can support web applications of high complexity, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge of these pros and cons will help to choose the best solution for the proposed project. Let's analyze in more detail and tell you about our choice and experience.

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Custom Shopify Automation for Your Business

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Development for e-commerce *Build automation *

E-commerce today has become so frequent that it has become almost a standard chain of stores, where most people make purchases. But even online stores are trying to save money by becoming drop shippers and more working on additional implementations, rather than on the maintenance and payment of huge storage spaces.

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Tests as must have for complex projects

Website development *Ruby *TDD *Ruby on Rails *Web services testing *

Development in its pure form is not only writing code, but also a number of manipulations that are necessary for its correct and timely work. Testing in development takes the lion's share of both time and resources, but proper testing will bring only time savings and the best result for the client.

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An MVP concept and why you need it

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Prototyping *

Many corporations today only a few years ago started their business with MVP. The only MVP allows you to take a look in a very short period how your business will move. By this way, you can notice at the first reaction of the target audience, see all the shortcomings, and exactly decide how to proceed further: develop the idea and invest in or completely modify it in an absolutely different product.

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Programatic content marketing in the B2B segment

Website development *Ruby *Ruby on Rails *Internet marketing

Good content makes customers loyal, forms a positive brand image, and raises sales in the long term. But it only works if content reaches its target audience. To bring together prospective clients and relevant messages content marketing platforms are used. Learn how they can improve campaigns of marketing agencies, media buyers, and companies.

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PHP vs Python vs Ruby on Rails: Detailed Comparison

Website development *Ruby *PHP *Python *Ruby on Rails *

Which is the best programming technology for web app development in the year 2020? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students and companies (wanted to develop their own website). Actually, every language has its own pros, cons or advantages, disadvantages. It totally depends on your requirements for website development.

In this blog post, I am going to clear your many doubts related to these programming languages or technologies, so that you can choose the best language according to your specific needs and requirements. Here, I’ll do a detailed and comprehensive comparison between these three most popular programming technologies viz. PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR). The comparison is on the basis of various stats and data on different parameters. So, let’s start the battle of most popular programming languages ie: PHP vs Python vs Ruby (RoR).
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Basic gems list for profiling Ruby on Rails application

Ruby *Ruby on Rails *
Even most of the experienced Ruby on Rails developers sometimes forgot about annoying mistakes they produce in the long development processes, like n+1 queries or lose a lot of time with some unexpected queries from nowhere.

Not all these mistakes can be avoided before the production, but at least you can try :)

Yes, that’s another list of forgotten or not so popular gems for the better development processes.
Let’s begin.
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