• Free CRM with PBX

      Why do you need a CRM system? Well, it’s at least more convenient than keeping your client database in Excel. Why do you need CRM with VoIP? If you have ever interacted offline, you know you cannot do it without telephony (orders, delivery, support etc.).

      But what prevents 80% of companies from trying out a CRM tool? If prices is the matter, we are offering a free CRM system integrated with the phone system and free PBX.

      To anticipate questions about installation difficulty, CRM setup and contact import doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.

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    • Key factors of a Successful Team Enablement

        The enablement team plays a key role in the initial and ongoing success of employees. When training is set up properly, the company starts receiving value from the new employee much sooner.

        So what are the key factors that have directly affect how quickly and efficiently new team members get onboarded? For a first-person account, we decided to speak with Adler Chan, the head of the Customer Enablement team at Wrike.


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