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Best digital marketing agencies in Vancouver 2023

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This year we conducted a survey of 78 purchasing managers from Forbes Global 2000 companies based in Vancouver, BC. Last year, Covid restrictions were eased, agency employees partially returned to their offices. This year has become a real challenge for agencies' CEOs, they had to find compromises with employees who did not want to return to the office, and at the same time manage projects at the same efficient level. Clutch is not the platform market can trust anymore because of the paid placements (sponsors and featured) that can cover up to 50 first positions in some cases. So we asked procurement managers in Vancouver to rate their digital marketing agencies from 0 to 10 based on the following criteria:

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A tale of how PVS-Studio reimagined the bug

Reading time 4 min
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You all know our mascot — a unicorn — many people grew fond of him! However, PVS-Studio has a supporting character who is also the antagonist of our product — a bug! Well, a bug is not omnipresent, indestructible evil. It's more like an everyday or a work-related trouble. In this article, you'll learn how we created a new character, and why he looks like a ladybug. Oh, and if you wonder why the hell he has a belly button — keep reading!

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An Unexpected Article About Our Unicorn: Who Is the PVS-Studio Mascot?

Reading time 5 min
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PVS-Studio has a mascot that became inseparable from the brand - a unicorn. Lately we've been getting many questions about our magic steed: why the unicorn, why has he changed so much, does he have hooves, how come he doesn't wear pants, and how do we draw him. The answers are finally here, in this very article.

Attention: there will be a lot of pictures. And I mean A LOT.

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How to build a brand?

Reading time 2 min
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Let's see what we mean when we talk about a brand. A brand is, first of all, associations that people immediately have when they hear the name of your company, mobile application, website, etc.

Brand building is a long process. Be prepared that it will take not one, not two, or even 6 months — you must be ready to work on it all the time.
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The Game of Archetypes: How Storytelling Works for Tech Brands

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How’s your work week going? I took some time off publishing new articles and consulting clients to look at «The Hero and the Outlaw» by Carol Pearson and Margaret Mark. It’s a guide to leveraging the power of archetypes for your brand, and I think there’s much to learn from it.

Archetypes are properly defined as «universal constructs of the human psyche». In layman’s terms, these are images we all recognise because they’re built into our subconscious mind. One such example is the archetype of the hero  —  a good guy who triumphs over evil and saves the day.

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Scaling a Tech Newsletter to 700k Subscribers in 300 Cities: the History of Techstars Startup Digest

Reading time 6 min
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Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new tools and possibilities to develop their businesses and enrich their knowledge. One of the ways of doing this is visiting themed events — meeting colleagues in real life, exchanging experiences, and communicating with potential investors.

In fact, there are thousands of tech-focused events taking place annually. The important thing is to pick the best, most useful and easily accessible ones to optimize your time and expenses.

Techstars Startup Digest solves this problem by sending its subscribers an email newsletter with a curated list of relevant and reasonably priced events for entrepreneurs. Currently, Startup Digest consists of more than 700 curators, is approaching 700K subscriptions, and is available in more than 300 cities all around the world. Today, I’d like to share its history, how the founders came up with the idea, what it looked like in the initial stages, and what it’s going through right now.

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