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WebSocket Reconnection in Flutter

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time5 min

Continuous socket connection can be crucial to ensure correct app behavior. Whether it’s delivering real-time chat updates, stock prices, or in-app indicators, a reliable connection is vital.

One of the irritating problems with sockets is a sudden loss of connection. If the true cause is not visibly evident, i.e., unstable internet connection, then the disruption cause is often well hidden. To tackle this issue we can implement an automatic socket reconnection strategy. Let’s see what options we have in the industry-standard socket library for Dart — web_socket_channel.

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How to Create a Half Circle Progress Bar

Reading time5 min

I bet you all had situations when a designer made a cool-looking UI and you just thought “cool, but how to implement this”. The same happened to me when a saw this progress bar in Figma.

Good thing is that in Flutter it’s pretty easy to create custom views and they will look awesome on every platform, but sometimes you just need to remember all these things that you have learned in geometric, and math classes. Yeah, we don’t always change the button’s color as someone thinks :)

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Here's an Update on Flutter 1.9 Release Coupled With Dart 2.5 Programming

Reading time5 min

Recently during the Google Developer Days Conference in China that was held on September 10, 2019, Flutter 1.9 was released along with the updated Dart 2.5 programming language.h

The major highlights from the conference can be summed into three major points:

  • Google has announced Dart 2.5 programming update and a new Flutter 1.9 Version upgrade.
  • Dart 2.5 will support calling C code and intelligent code completion.
  • Flutter 1.9 will support iOS 13, macOS Catalina, and new Material widgets.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the major pointers in detail for you to understand the highlights and updates in detail!

Let’s begin!

What’s in store for Dart 2.5 as a programming language?

Dart is a Google borne programming language that has been used to develop mobile, web and desktop based applications. It is an object-oriented, class defined, garbage collected language with a C-style syntax, which is used to optionally compile into JavaScript.

The latest version of Dart 2.5 comes with these major highlights:

-> Support for Calling C Code straight through Dart using Dart FFI Library:

Developers who have knowledge about low-level programming languages will be excited from this announcement. The event also saw the launch of dart:ffi library, the preview of which allows calling into C code directly from Dart and Flutter.
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Start using ReactiveX in dart and Flutter from beginning

Reading time3 min

Yesterday my friend said something like "I’m writing simple offline app, I don’t need these streams and all that jazz". I was confused, but I thought, that there may be other coders in this delusion.

Below, literally in 50 lines I will show, on known example that reactivity is:

a) not about offline/online
b) very easy
c) very good for simplifying almost any code

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