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BGP Route Leak prevention and detection with the help of the RFC9234

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All the credit is due to the RFC’s authors: A. Azimov (Qrator Labs & Yandex), E. Bogomazov (Qrator Labs), R. Bush (IIJ & Arrcus), K. Patel (Arrcus), K. Sriram.

A BGP route leak is an unintentional propagation of BGP prefixes beyond the intended scope that could result in a redirection of traffic through an unintended path that may enable eavesdropping or traffic analysis, and may or may not result in an overload or complete drop (black hole) of the traffic. Route leaks can be accidental or malicious but most often arise from accidental misconfigurations.

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How To Solve?: «ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by server»

Reading time 3 min
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Chances are that while you've been using FileZilla you've also come across the ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by a server error. If that's the case — great that you've found this tutorial! I am going to show you three methods that might help you with resolving this FTP error.

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Understanding the POCSAG paging protocol

Reading time 8 min
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Long time ago, when a mobile phone costed about 2000$ and one minute of voice call was 50 cents, pagers were really popular. Later cellular phones became cheaper, calls and SMS prices became lower, and finally pagers mostly disappeared.

For people, who owned a pager before, and want to know how it works, this article will be useful.
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