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The PVS-Studio analyzer: detecting potential compatibility issues with Java SE API

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2019 was a very busy year in terms of conferences. Our team could leave for whole weeks on business trips. As you know, the conference is perfect time to share knowledge. In addition to giving talks and telling many interesting things at our booth, we also learned a lot from communicating with conference participants and speakers. So at the Joker 2019 conference in fall, a talk from Dalia Abo Sheasha «Migrating beyond Java 8» inspired us to implement a new diagnostic rule that allows us to detect incompatibilities in the Java SE API between different versions of Java. This is what we will talk about.
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How I prepared for and passed the Oracle Database SQL Certification (1Z0-071)

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Why did I write this article?


When I was preparing for Java 8 OCA and OCP I found a lot of useful articles about subjects on Habr that helped me to choose the optimal path and save a considerable amount of time.

When I started preparing for OCA Oracle Database SQL (1Z0-071) I didn’t find any materials on Habr about this matter and found there to be limited information available on the Internet. Because of this I decided to write a complete guide in order to help others who are interested in this certification to help them save time and successfully pass what I consider to be a pretty hard exam.

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